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I saw that the rider on the locomotive was not someone else, but Dong Tianbao’s subordinate, Shi Qing.

Dong Tianbao saw Shi Qing returning on the motorcycle, and smiled: “Master, Shi Qing went to send the clock to Zhu Lun and came back.”

Yash Nics’s eyes fell on the black Maybach that was far behind Shi Qing. Smiling and said: “Shi Qing is back, but with a tail behind.”

Dong Tianbao’s eyes fell on the car following Shi Qing, and said in surprise: “It seems that Julen received a gift and was warned to get out of Mannity. After the city, I was so embarrassed and angry that I sent someone to kill us.”

Shi Qing had already parked the locomotive on the side of the road and strode towards Yash Nics and Dong Tianbao: “Mr. Yash, Brother Bao, I have already Give the gift to Zhu Lun, and warn them to get out of Mannity before sunset tomorrow.”

“However, Zhu Lun didn’t seem to take the warning seriously, and…”

Yash Nics said lightly, “And he plans to kill us!”

Shi Qing was stunned: “Mr. Yash, how did you know?”

Yash Nics looked behind Shi Qing, “Because the person Zhu Lun sent to kill us has already followed you.”

Shi Qing quickly turned around, only to find that he had stopped. There is an extra black car in the place.

Two tall men, who got out of the car, were Sirius and Blood Wolf.

Sirius is a burly figure, his left face has been wounded by explosives, completely disfigured, but because of the scar on his left face, it makes him look cold and terrifying like a robot.

The blood wolf is not as strong as Sirius, but his eyes are scarlet, and his body exudes a brutal force like a beast, which makes people shudder.

The two Sirius and Blood Wolf walked towards Yash Nics and Dong Tianbao with cold faces.

Immediately, a few of Dong Tianbao’s men greeted them and stopped them.

One of them, Ahui, stretched out his hand to push Sirius and shouted: “What do you two do?”

Yash Nics realized that it was not good when he saw it, and Dong Tianbao hurriedly shouted: “Be careful, don’t come near them. A!”

Unfortunately, Dong Tianbao’s reminder was still a shot late.

As soon as Ahui’s hand pushed towards Sirius, Sirius shot it, grabbed Ahui’s wrist all at once, and broke Ahui’s wrist with a click.


A Hui screamed just now, and Sirius had already taken a kick and kicked A Hui out like a ball. He fell heavily to the ground and was seriously injured.

Almost at the same time, the blood wolf also shot.

Bang bang bang!

Several of Ahui’s companions were all hit in the chest and flew out with blood spurting from their mouths.

These people were carefully selected by Dong Tianbao, and they were inseparable from protecting his subordinates.

Unexpectedly, several of his elite men were so vulnerable in front of Sirius and Blood Wolf that they all fell in the blink of an eye.

The large scar on Sirius’ left face looked particularly hideous and terrifying under the light. He said blankly, “Dong Tianbao, my young master, we are here to take your dog’s life.” The

blood wolf’s blushing eyes looked forward. Looking at Yash Nics, he was pleasantly surprised: “If I didn’t guess wrong, you are the owner of Dong Tianbao, Yash Nics. Since you ran into it, you happened to be sent along.”

“You go down to the Yellow Spring together, you are not alone on the road.”

Dong Tianbao is angry Said: “Laughter, dare to be rude to Mr. Yash, I will teach you.”

After he said, he came out of the cage like a tiger, roaring at Sirius and Blood Wolf.

The two Sirius and Blood Wolf were unambiguous, striding and punching together.

Dong Tianbao threw out both fists and Ssangyong went to sea.

Bang bang!

Dong Tianbao’s fists met the fists of Sirius and Blood Wolf.

Dong Tianbao snorted and took a few steps back and forth, bleeding from his mouth.

On the other hand, Sirius and Blood Wolf did not move, and their faces did not change.

Obviously, Dong Tianbao is not the opponent of the two.

Sirius cold, said: “This is the emperor’s strength in underground sea it too weak?!”

Xue Lang grinning: “The weak is the original sin, sin against us Zhushao, more serious crime, subject to go die!”

They With that said, he was ready to kill Dong Tianbao.

However, Yash Nics stepped forward and stood in front of Dong Tianbao, looking coldly at Sirius and Blood Wolf: “Hehe, do you know what crimes you committed?”

Sirius and Blood Wolf looked at each other and then sneered. Said: “What crime are we committing?”

Yash Nics stood with his hands indifferent and said indifferently: “You are not good at learning literature, you are not good at martial arts, and you dare to be presumptuous in front of me. This is a capital crime.”

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