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Zhu Lun opened his eyes slightly, a sneer appeared at the corner of his mouth, and curled his lips: “Hehe, did my dad know that I was arrested by you and used our Zhu family’s contacts to oppress you? Can’t stand it anymore, can’t wait for dawn to come and release me?”

Yash Nics did not answer Julen’s words, but calmly said: “When you were arrested tonight, you said you’re all right back, you want to kill my whole family? ”

Zhu Lun squinted his eyes and sneered: “So you are scared!”

Yash Nics looked at Zhu Lun: “Tell me you are not serious, you are just a moment of anger, and you just said cruel words casually.”

Zhu Lun grinned. “Hehe, who the hell is kidding you?”

“You probably don’t know the style of our Zhu

family in Donghai Province!” Yash Nics calmly said: “I really don’t know, let’s just listen.”

Zhu Lun Yin said with a sad sneer: “Our Zhu family said nothing, my dad has a nickname in Donghai Province called Miemen Magistrate.”

Yash Nics: “What do you mean?”

Zhu Lun said, “It’s nothing, it’s just that I used to talk to my dad.” The powerful enemies that can’t get past are all killed by my dad.”

Julen said with a smile but said with a smile: “I didn’t mean to scare you. I said that if you kill your family, you will definitely kill your family. Wait for me from here. Go out, you and everyone in the Song family will have to die.”

Zhu Lun became more and more proud, his expression became more and more savage, he looked at Yash Nics proudly, and said cruelly: “But don’t be afraid, your wife is so beautiful. , I will not kill.”

“And your daughter Song Qingqing, I heard that although she is still a little girl, she is the embryo of a peerless beauty.”

“I will not kill their mother and daughter, I will stay and enjoy it, hahaha… ”

Zhu Lun looked at Yash Nics and asked with a grin: “Are you scared, angry, and regretful now, but feel helpless and powerless?”

Ning shook his head:. “No, but there is no doubt in my mind that the wire”

Zhu Lun stunned: “What do you mean?”

Ning did not answer, but toward the door told: “! You can come in,”

Akira when !

The iron gate was opened again, and Dian Chu brought a group of soldiers in.

Zhu Lun’s eyes widened: “What do you want to do?”

Dian Chu coldly ordered his subordinates: “Take it away!”

Soon, Zhu Lun was taken out of the prison by the soldiers and taken straight to the back mountain of the military base.

On the way, Julen felt more and more uneasy, feeling more and more wrong.

He looked at Yash Nics suspiciously: “Did you not let me go because of the pressure of our Zhu family? Where are you going to take me?”

Yash Nics said flatly: ” Here !”

Zhu Lun looked around and found that this was the shooting range behind the military base.

Moreover, under the moonlight, there are still a large number of heavily armed soldiers on the shooting range, and it seems that they have been waiting for a long time.

Zhu Lun’s face suddenly turned pale, he looked at Yash Nics in horror, and said with a trembling, “You, you, you, don’t you want to target me?”

Yash Nics smiled and said, “Haha, your Excellency is really forgetful, you Forgetting that I was at the White Swan Hotel, I told you that you would not live tomorrow.”

“Also, if you want to kill my whole family, shouldn’t the murderer have the consciousness of being killed?”

Yash Nics finished speaking and lifted up. hand.

Dian Chu immediately shouted: “Take the criminal Julun to the execution ground and prepare to be shot.”

Immediately, several soldiers forcibly escorted Julun to the shooting position.

There are even soldiers responsible for executions checking guns and ammunition.

The soldiers of the troops who maintained order at the scene all stood with their heads high and their chests high, standing in the most standard military posture.

Zhu Lun thought Yash Nics would release him overnight, but he didn’t expect that Yash Nics would not release him, but would kill him.

He couldn’t help it anymore, struggling frantically and yelling: “Yash Nics, you really dare to kill me, do you know that our Zhu family is powerful in Donghai Province, and even you respect pottery in Jiangnan Province…”

He Before he finished speaking, Yash Nics said indifferently: “Don’t call me, I have called all the backstages you mentioned to watch the punishment.”


Julen is completely stupid!

Yash Nics raised his hand, and then a group of people appeared on the scene.

Respected Tao Donglin in Jiangnan Province, Changqishan in Jiangnan Province, and Li Zilong, commander-in-chief of the provincial military region.

A dozen people are exactly the backstage that Julen has been clamoring for!

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