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However, to his shock, Song Pingting exclaimed: “Hey, Captain Zhong really sent a message to Yash Nics at 7 o’clock in the evening and asked Yash Nics to go to Mannity.

The city military area moved to rescue soldiers, saying that he had already said hello to the military area leader.”

Zhong Ziqiang was startled when he heard this, and secretly took out his mobile phone, and found that there was such an information record on his mobile phone.

This, this, what’s going on?

He didn’t send a message to Yash Nics tonight. The mobilization of the army was all done by Yash Nics, and he had nothing to do with him!

He looked at Yash Nics suspiciously!

Seeing Yash Nics with a sure smile, he suddenly understood that Yash Nics must have got the information.

Yash Nics is a young marshal in the north, so he only needs to tell the communications company to add such a text message record to his and Yash Nics’s mobile phones, which is a piece of cake.

When Song Pingting, Song Qingsong and others read the text messages on Yash Nics’s mobile phone, they were now willing to believe that Zhong Zi emphasized that the army again.

Yash Nics was just helping Zhong Ziqiang run errands.

Song Feifei said triumphantly: “Sister, what are you doing, what are you insisting on?”

“Don’t you think Yash Nics was so prestigious at the hotel at the time, thinking that the army was transferred by Yash Nics?”

“Haha, sister you It’s so naive. Brother-in-law doesn’t have that kind of ability!”

Song Qingsong also nodded and said: “I also doubted at the time whether the troops were transferred by Yash Nics. After all, Yash Nics was commanding the army to clean up Zhu Lun and watched. The troops are as if they were transferred by Yash Nics.”

Song Feifei said with a smile: “This is called a fake tiger. In fact, the really powerful person is my boyfriend Zhong Ziqiang.”

Everyone in the Song family complimented Zhong Ziqiang. Without Zhong Ziqiang late, the Song family would be out of luck.

Zhong Ziqiang sweated profusely, and said with trepidation: “In fact, the biggest credit tonight is Mr. Yash.”

Song Feifei

curled her lips : “He’s just running errands for you, what’s so great.” Zhong Ziqiang was anxious when he heard the words, and opened his mouth to defend Yash Nics.

However, Yash Nics gave Zhong Ziqiang a look. Zhong Ziqiang had nothing but to shut his mouth and not speak.

However, he felt bitter in his heart and thought: Feifei, you should stop slandering Mr. Yash. In fact, I am not even worthy of supporting Mr. Yash.

You slandered Mr. Yash and praised me, I was as uncomfortable as being roasted on a fire by you!

The next day, Mannity City fryed the pan.

Many powerful and powerful people in Mannity City thought that the Zhu family was powerful, and Zhu Lun was arrested and would be released soon.

But I didn’t expect Julen to be targeted by the military!

Upon hearing the news, all the powerful and powerful in China Shipping felt that the sky was rolling, and they were all stunned.

So everyone asked what was going on.

Soon, everyone learned the “truth” from the Song family of Mannity: Miss Song Feifei’s boyfriend, although Zhong Ziqiang was a little captain, was appreciated by a group of military leaders.

Zhu Lun bullied the Song family, Zhong Ziqiang reported to the leader, mobilized the troops, and directly destroyed Zhu Lun.

Donghai Province, Shanghang City.

Zhu, Zhu Tiansheng was furious, he directed the full house families, men, retainers, his disciples growled: “Damn, mere Sea Song, a mere captain, even then kill my son, this is really outrageous.”

Zhu everyone , All bowed their heads and dared not speak.

Zhu Tiansheng asked ferociously: “The leaders in Jiangnan Province, what is the explanation?”

Zhu Tiansheng’s younger brother, Zhu Tianyang, stood up at this moment and said in a deep voice: “Big Brother, I called Jiangnan Province Zun Tao Donglin, he only said that he regrets this matter.”

Zhu Tiansheng was full of anger: “Tao Donglin used to call me brother and brother. My son is dead. He has this attitude?”

Zhu Tianyang said, “Big brother, Tao Donglin seems to be in office in half a year. He is now in a state of no matter what.”

“If you want him to severely punish Zhong Ziqiang, Yash Nics, and Song’s family, I guess it is impossible. To avenge my nephew, we have to take our own hands on the Zhu

family .” Zhu Tiansheng nodded: “Yes, revenge, it is still impossible to fake it. Other people’s hands!”

“Second brother, you go to Mannity accurately, that Zhong Ziqiang is not clear about the details, unpredictable, don’t

touch him yet.” “But Yash Nics, Song Pingting and others must be for the death of my son. , Pay the price.”

Zhu Tianyang clasped his fist and said: “Yes, brother!”

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