The One & The Only

The One and The Only Chapter 594 Read free Novel

Song Zhongbin saw Qian Kun kneeling and apologized to him, there were a group of employees outside the office watching.

He was really excited. He earned the face of losing face in front of his colleagues in the company.

It all depends on my good son-in-law!

His old face was flushed with excitement, and he stared at Qian Kun: “Do you still dare to be rough with me?”

Qian Kun said in tears, “Don’t dare, don’t dare.” After all,

Song Zhongbin is an honest gentleman. He saw Qian Kun. When all of them were like this, they slowed down and hummed: “If there is another time, I will not be forgiven.”

Qian Kun hurriedly said, “No, no, no.”

Yash  Nics said coldly, “I.” Although Dad forgave you, but you beat my dad, you have to leave a lesson, everyone should have one hand off!”

“Yes, yes!”

Qian Kun heard Yash  Nics say that each of them would be punished by breaking one hand. It turned out to be amnesty.

He immediately picked up a paperweight stone on the table and slammed the stone on his flat left arm in front of everyone.

There was a cracking sound of bone fracture, accompanied by Qian Kun’s miserable snort.

This guy really broke his left arm!

Several other subordinates followed suit and broke their left arm.

Song Pingting, Song Zhongbin, Lin Wei, and the employees peeping outside were all stunned.

Yash  Nics was expressionless, and said indifferently: “You can go away.”

Qian Kun and the others fled away like dogs in their families.

The employees of the Ningda Group at the scene, apart from being shocked, had only one thought in their hearts: Mr. Yash is too domineering.

After Qian Kun left, Song Pingting and other talents recovered from the shock.

Song Pingting looked at Yash  Nics suspiciously: “How did you do it?”

Yash  Nics smiled and said: “It’s very simple. I went to talk to our Mannity City Zun Zhou Ruoshu.

Zhou Shizun took this matter very seriously and personally ordered the establishment of a joint law enforcement team to order Qian Kun to pay back the money.”

Song Pingting and Song Zhongbin and others Everyone was surprised and said in disbelief: “Really?”

Yash  Nics said with a smile: “Of course, now our Ningda Group has a scale of more than 100 billion yuan, which is the most important part of China Shipping’s tax revenue. Zhou Shizun can’t let it go. We are being bullied!”

Song Pingting and the others believed it was true, and they all said that Zhou Shizun was really a good leader.

After get off work, Yash  Nics did not go home with Song Pingting, but drove to the procuratorate by himself and called to see Lu Pengyu.

In Lu Pengyu’s office, Yash  Nics sat in a chair, smoking a cigarette gracefully.

Lu Pengyu, sweating profusely, was reporting to Yash  Nics.

After listening to Lu Pengyu’s words, Yash  Nics raised his mouth slightly: “In this way, Qian Kun and his group of liver cancer vaccine sellers were instigated by Zhu Tianyang.

Deliberately defaulted on the payment of Ningda Group in order to cause financial trouble for Ningda Group? ”

Lu Pengyu nodded: “Yes, Qian Kun personally confessed to me.”

Yash  Nics asked calmly, “Do you have any other news?”

Lu Pengyu quickly said, “Yes, Qian Kun invited me to dinner at noon, I deliberately I promised that there was another piece of news from him.”

Yash  Nics: “Say!”

Lu Pengyu said : “Zhu Tianyang has been living in the Fengwu Jiutian Club after arriving in Mannity in a low-key manner. It is said that he convened a large number of talks with the Ningda Group tonight.

His business partners are ready to continue to instruct these people to scream at the Ning Group.” The

corner of Yash  Nics’s mouth

raised slightly: “Interesting!” Lu Pengyu was very disturbed at this time, and looked at Yash  Nics in fear.

But it happened to meet Yash Nics’s eyes, and he was frightened to lower his head quickly.

Yash Nics said indifferently: “Originally, you revealed my identity, and your sin is unforgivable.”

“But I think you have found some useful information for me, I will spare you for the time being.”

Lu Pengyu was amnesty, and said excitedly: “Thank you Mr. Yash, thank you Mr. Yash…”

Yash  Nics took the remaining half. The cigarette was pressed out in the ashtray, stood up and left, his voice also sounded in Lu Pengyu’s ear: “You tell Qian Kun not to talk too much.

If my identity is leaked again, then the good days of the two of you will end here. ”

Lu Pengyu said panicked: “Yes, I promise that neither of us will talk nonsense again.”

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