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female manager was taken aback, and immediately smiled: “Oh, you are one of the guests Zhu Erye invited tonight?”

“Zhu Erye has taken care of our club’s most luxurious The diamond hall, but Zhu Erye and the other guests have not come yet, sir, you are here early.”

“I’ll take you there first, you can spend time in the diamond hall and wait for them to come.” The

female manager said. So I took Yash Nics and his entourage to the most luxurious hall in Fengwu Jiutian, the Diamond Hall.

There are hundreds of decks in the Diamond Hall, and the decoration is extremely high-end, like a palace.

Yash Nics casually sat down in a deck, Dian Chu did not dare to sit, and stood respectfully behind Yash Nics.

Tong Ke didn’t care about so much, and sat down directly beside Yash Nics.

The female manager smiled and asked Yash Nics if he wanted to drink tea or red wine or something?

Yash Nics felt that there was no mood for drinking tea in the environment, so he said lightly: “Whatever.” The

female manager smiled and nodded slightly, and then stepped back.

Not long after, a tall, tall woman wearing a high-slit cheongsam, with dazzling white legs, came over with red wine and curled up in high heels.

The cheongsam beauty said: “Hello, sir. My name is Beibei. I am afraid that you will be bored. I am here to accompany you to have fun.”

Yash Nics smiled and asked, “What’s the pastime?” The

cheongsam beauty looked at Yash Nics’s face to her. The hostile Tong Ke giggled and sat down on the other side of Yash Nics.


charmingly said: “Mr. What’s your last name?” Yash Nics smiled lightly: “The last name is Yash!”

Beibei’s pretty face was full of confident expressions, and she smiled : “I can accompany Mr. Yash to do anything, whether it’s guessing the code and drinking. Playing dice and poker, or playing the piano, composing poems, painting and dancing.”

“Even talking about Lao-Zhuang’s philosophy, or if you want to talk to me about advanced mathematics, I have no problem.”

Yash Nics, Dianchu, and Tong Ke were a little surprised when they heard that. Yeah!

The corner of Yash Nics’s mouth rose slightly: “Something!”

Beibei giggled, her body like a water snake approached Yash Nics, and her red lips exhaled and said, “Mr. Yash, I actually got a PhD in many fields. Degree, but what I know best is to wait for men.”

Tong Ke saw this, the hostility in his eyes became stronger, and he couldn’t help but ask the woman to stay away from Yash Nics.

Yash Nics spoke at this moment, and smiled: “Really, you can do whatever I want you to do?”

Beibei said seductively, “Of course!”

Yash Nics nodded, pointed to the front and said, “Okay. Go ahead and do a hundred push-ups for me!” The

charming expression on Beibei’s face instantly solidified.

Her eyes widened and her mouth opened, she looked at Yash Nics incredulously: “Mr. Yash, what did you say?”

Yash Nics said flatly, “Didn’t you say that I ask you to do anything, you can do it?”

“I am a person. I have no other hobbies. I like watching others stand in military posture, do push-ups, and cross-country running with heavy loads.”

Dian Chu suffocated a smile!

Tong Ke couldn’t help it directly, giggling, she suddenly felt that her brother-in-law was really too bad.

Beibei’s expression was as weird as having eaten a fly, aggrieved.

She obviously looks so beautiful, she is obviously willing to serve Yash Nics with her body, but Yash Nics actually asked her to do push-ups?

This is really my heart to the bright moon, but the bright moon shines on the ditch!

Yash Nics was reluctant to see Beibei’s face full of frustration. He took out a black American Express card with unlimited limits, gently placed it on the table, and smiled and said, “A push-up is 10,000 yuan. Wouldn’t it make you less embarrassed?”

Beibei opened his eyes again!

“I’ll do it!”

She gritted her teeth, frustrated and frustrated, and went to the front, struggling to do push-ups.

Tong Ke giggled, she leaned into Yash Nics’s ear and snorted coldly: “Brother-in-law, if I were not here, would you be such a gentleman?”

Yash Nics smiled, noncommittal.

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