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Soon, Zhang Jun finished singing and came back.

He saw Tong Ke with a dark face, and when he sang just now, he saw Yash Nics laughing all the time, as if laughing at him.

He seriously doubted whether Yash Nics had spoken ill of him in front of Tong Ke.

He sat down again and said with a smile: “Hehe, singing skills are so good, everyone laughs.”

Yash Nics smiled and said: “Singing well.”

Yash Nics didn’t say anything, that is, the song that he sang shouldn’t be the scene.

Zhang Jun noticed that Yash Nics was laughing at him just now on the stage, so now Yash Nics praised him for singing well, and he didn’t believe it either. He felt that Yash Nics was running against him.

He squinted his eyes and asked intentionally or unintentionally: “Mr. Yash, what do your parents do, where do you work?”

Yash Nics said flatly: “I don’t have parents. I only hang one in my wife’s company now. Unemployed, busy.”

“Heh!” Zhang Jun couldn’t help but chuckle when he heard the words. Yash Nics’s parents are dead, and that is an orphan. What kind of family background can an orphan have?

This sound!

Yash Nics’s face sinks, and her heart is angry: My parents are dead, how happy are you?

Song Pingting and the others also frowned, feeling that this handsome is too bad.

Zhang Jun didn’t notice the changes in Yash Nics and the others’ faces, and said triumphantly: “Yash Nics, you are a few years older than me. It’s a shame if you don’t want to be motivated.”

“Look at me, I came from a wealthy family, so I went out on my own.

” It’s not that I’m bragging. The powerful people I know are all over the north and south.”

“Don’t say anything else, just say you Mannity, the owner of Dong Tianbao, who walks through the clouds. Mannity food tycoon, Mannity underground emperor, how good is it?

I, too, have to hand me a cigarette, and respectfully call me Zhang Shao!”

Song Pingting and the others had weird faces, because they knew that Dong Tianbao was Yash Nics’s subordinate and he was very obedient to Yash Nics.

Yash Nics asked with a smile, “Do you know Dong Tianbao?”

Zhang Jun was startled when he heard this. He was just bragging.

Although he has some money, he really can’t make it to a big boss like Dong Tianbao.

However, the bull has blown it.

In front of Tong Ke, there is absolutely no reason to slap himself in the face.

Zhang Jun smiled and said: “Haha, of course you know, don’t you think Dong Tianbao is very majestic in your middle sea. He is in front of me, I told him to stand, he dare not sit, I told him to cry, he dare not laugh!”

Yash Nics Smiled and said, “Is that right, then you are pretty good.”

At this moment, the restaurant manager personally delivered a bottle of Kande red wine worth 100,000 yuan, and respectfully said: “Hello everyone, this is our boss Dong Tianbao.

Knowing that his young master is drinking here, let me personally send a bottle of red wine to show respect.”

Zhang Jun opened his eyes wide. He said that he knew Dong Tianbao very well, and Dong Tianbao was very respectful to him, but just bragging.

Unexpectedly, Dong Tianbao really asked people to return a top-quality red wine worth 100,000 yuan.

He became excited for an instant, and thought: Long face, really long face.

He arrogantly said to the manager: “Hehe, I didn’t expect Dong Tianbao to know that I was here, and he sent me such a good bottle of wine. You tell him that Zhang Jun takes his mind.” The

manager heard the words. A bit stunned!

Zhang Jun already stared: “Did you hear what I said?” The

manager put down the red wine with a weird expression, and glanced at Yash Nics. Seeing Yash Nics smiled and said nothing, he said embarrassingly: “Okay, I will definitely say what you say. Will reply to our boss.”

Zhang Jun waved his hand: “Go, don’t disturb us eating here. If you are stupid, I will let Dong Tianbao fire you later.”

After Zhang Jun finished speaking, he picked up Kangdi red wine and poured it to Tong Ke. He also showed off to Yash Nics, “Isn’t it? That’s what you can do. Everywhere you go, there will be people who flatter you. Dong Tianbao is such an amazing figure among you.” , Have to please me…”

Before his words were over, the restaurant manager had gone and returned.

Zhang Jun frowned: “Didn’t you tell Dong Tianbao that Zhang Junxin took his mind? Why are you here?”

Yash Nics and others looked at the restaurant manager.

The restaurant manager said: “Your words were my boss called to tell us.”

Zhang: “how can he say?”

Restaurant manager: “Our boss does not recognize you, our boss said Zhang Jun What is this stuff?”

Han !

Zhang Jun’s face flushed instantly, which was extremely embarrassing.

Slap, this is really slapped!

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