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Zhang Jun lost a big face in front of Tong Ke just now, he was ashamed and angrily, and desperately thinking about how to find his face in front of Tong Ke, so that Tong Ke looked at him differently.

He saw that the group of people in front of him came to trouble Tong Ke and the others, and they were from the East China Sea.

His eyes lit up instantly!

The Zhang family was in the real estate business in Donghai Province, and they knew quite a few people. Even some of the most powerful figures in the East China Sea had dinner together.

Zhang Jun thinks that he is a person in the East China Sea, and the people in the East China Sea have to give him three points of face.

This group of Donghai people came to Tong Ke and the others for trouble. This is simply a chance to show themselves!

Such a thought, Zhang spine are straightened, his eyes, reach for the glass sip of wine, then ramp Lizhao Long et al., Coldly shouted: “presumptuous!”


Yash Nics’s family, restaurant employees, and Li Zhaolong and his party all cast their eyes on Zhang Jun.

Seeing that he succeeded in attracting everyone’s attention, Zhang Jun became more and more proud.

He looked at Li Zhaolong and others, and said contemptuously: “With me, who would dare to touch the hair of Miss Tong’s family?” The

corner of Li Zhaolong’s mouth rose slightly: “Oh, who is your excellency, I have n’t asked for advice?”

Zhang Jun is proud Said: “Zhang Jun, Zhang Jun, Donghai Hang City, Donghai knows my friends, they all kindly call me Zhang Shao.” After

Zhang Jun finished speaking, he narrowed his eyes and asked suspiciously: “Who are you and why are you here? Trouble with Miss Tong and the others?”

Li Zhaolong pulled a chair, sat down gracefully, and said with a smile: “I am entrusted by others to settle accounts with them.”

“Since you are from the Zhang family in the East China Sea, then You have nothing to do with this, leave here like other customers.”

Zhang Jun angrily said: “If you let me go, I will go?”

“I’m telling you, Miss Tong’s family is in Baoding, and I don’t care who you are who sent the doglegs, now you can get me out.”

“And tell your master, don’t send you these dogs to trouble Miss Tong’s family in the future! ”

Li Zhaolong smiled

but didn’t smile: “The toad yawned, so loud.” Seeing that Zhang Jun couldn’t show his skills, he couldn’t help the guys in front of him.

He raised his head and said loudly, “Do you know the Donghai Wang family? We are a business partner with the Zhang family; do you know the Donghai Deng family? It’s an old friend with our Zhang family!”

“Even the Donghai Dragon King of Shanghang City, Haiye!”

“Our family was once fortunate to have dinner with him. The sons of Hai Ye and I worshipped the brothers.”

“If you don’t want to die, just get out of here!”

Li Zhaolong said playfully, “My dad and your Zhang family. I’m very familiar with you, I’m worshipping brother, why don’t I know about this?”

Zhang Jun was shocked when he heard the words, and a look of horror appeared in his eyes, and asked in surprise: “Who are you… on

earth ?” Li Zhaolong said lightly. “The Dragon King of the East China Sea is my foster father, I am Li Zhaolong, and everyone in the East China Sea calls me the prince!”


Hearing this, Zhang Jun felt as if he was hit by a bolt from the blue, and he was stupid.

Unexpectedly, the person in front of him was actually the son of the East China Sea Dragon King, nicknamed the prince!

Zhang Jun rolled directly off the chair!

He walked and crawled to come to Zhang Jun, kneeling and kowtow desperately, while kowtow, crying for mercy: “Oh, prince, I don’t know it’s you, I’m wrong, please don’t remember the villain.

Please spare me!” Li Zhaolong smiled: “I don’t care about you as much.”

Zhang Jun heard this, just showing his joy.

But Li Zhaolong had taken out a small knife casually, threw it on the ground, and said faintly: “You leave two fingers casually, it’s a small punishment, then just roll.”

Zhang Jun’s face was gray and he looked up desperately. , Tremblingly said: “Prince…”

Li Zhaolong said blankly: “Hurry up, cut it and leave, don’t waste my time, I still have to do business.”

Zhang Jun, as a native of East China Sea, told the East China Sea Dragon King. He is very clear about the power of terror.

I offended the prince today. If you don’t leave something behind, you probably won’t be able to get out of this doorway.

He cried and picked up the knife on the ground, and cut off the two fingers of his left hand, preparing to apologize.

Song Pingting, Tong Ke and others couldn’t help but scream in shock!

Seeing Zhang Jun’s knife was about to be cut off.

Suddenly, a small teacup flew over.

With a snap, he directly knocked the knife in Zhang Jun’s hand into the air.

Everyone was surprised at the scene!

Li Zhaolong and the others all changed slightly, looking at Yash Nics who threw out the teacup together.

Yash Nics was full of displeasure, and said coldly: “You bothered my wife to eat!”

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