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Shanghang City conducts air defense alarm training every year. Once the air defense alarm sounds, it means that the city is under martial law.

All residents are not allowed to go out of the street, all have to enter the house to hide.

Haiyang, Dafei, Zhou Dong, and Chen Zhang were all shocked. They have not recovered from the shock.


Several helicopter gunships, like a few huge goshawks, their engines roared and appeared murderously above the Jinfeng Hotel.

The high-speed machine guns on the helicopter aimed at the men in Shanghai Yang on the ground.

At the same time, two tanks appeared at each of the four blocks around the Jinfeng Hotel.

Eight tanks, with their barrels raised, rumbling over from all sides, with a terrifying momentum.

Behind the tank is a group of armed off-road vehicles.

Behind, four corps, a total of tens of thousands of fully armed soldiers, holding submachine guns, strode neatly. The majestic and vigorous, like four torrents of steel, surrounded the Jinfeng Hotel.

Da Da Da-The

sound of the army’s orderly and loud steps made Haiyang and the others tremble like a drum, and their faces became extremely pale.

Soon, eight tanks, hundreds of armed off-road vehicles, and four corps with tens of thousands of soldiers, all stopped.

Then, on the command vehicle, a commander gave a loud order: “Block Jinfeng Hotel, no bird can fly out from here!”

“Yes!” The

four corps tens of thousands of soldiers began to move.

In the blink of an eye, the Jinfeng Hotel was already besieged, with heavily armed soldiers everywhere.

The colonel in the command car got out of the car in a neat manner, and then started running at a small pace.

All of Haiyang’s subordinates were so scared that they gave way.

The colonel trot all the way and came to Yash Nics, Du Tianlin and others.

He stood steadily, his waist straight, his head held high, and he saluted: “Hello chiefs, the First Reinforced Division of the Eastern Navy District, is ordered to enter the combat area, please show your heads!”



Haiyang and the others turned pale, instantly turned to dead gray, and their eyes changed from fear to despair.


What is this place!

How can a small restaurant come out with a group of leaders!

And also dispatched a strengthening division!

This is too scary!

Haiyang’s lips were shaking, and his heart sank quickly.

Zhou Dong and Chen Zhang were both trembling and sweating. There was only one thought in their minds: It’s over, it’s a disaster to fly in the sky.

Da Fei, the overlord of the underground circle of Shanghang City, made his feet soft with fright, and knelt down with a direct plop. At this time, he was full of desire to die.

Du Tianlin said faintly: “Mr. Yash is here, who dare to call him the chief?” The

colonel immediately saluted Yash Nics again and said loudly: “Report to Chief , the No. 1 Strengthened Division of the East China Sea. Enter the combat position, please give your order.”

Yash Nics said lightly: “All are in combat state!”



A uniform movement of guns and bullets rang out, and the guns of all the soldiers had been aimed at Haiyang’s group.

In an instant, not only Haiyang and Dafei’s men, but also those of Zhou Dong and Chen Zhang, were all scared to put down their weapons and raise their hands to surrender.

Zhou Dong and Chen Zhang greeted them with a smile, and said with a smile, “Dear chiefs, misunderstanding, your own people, your own people…”

Yash Nics said angrily: “Who is the two of you, you are the servants of the people.” They are still the servants of the Hai family. What do you do if the Hai family tells you?”

Zhou Dong and Chen Zhang were sweating profusely, and couldn’t tell.

Yash Nics said coldly: “Come here, take off the epaulettes of these two men, and take them down.”

Immediately, a few hard-core soldiers came over and directly took off the epaulettes of Zhou Dong and Chen Zhang. The two were taken down on the spot.

Yash Nics’s gaze fell on Haiyang, who was full of gray faces, and said coldly: “I heard that you are a cow. The entire Shanghang city and the underground circles are your Hai family who has the final say. You can kill whoever you want to kill. “

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