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Dragon Palace, Haijia Mansion.

Hai Pingchao was furious, and he said angrily: “Yash Nics, this kid really doesn’t shed tears if he doesn’t see the coffin!”

“Agui, you order Eagle Eye to let Yash Nics see the blood.” The

old housekeeper Agui respectfully said: “See. Blood, to what extent is it appropriate?”

Hai Pingchao said coldly: “Isn’t Yash Nics the East China Sea with his wife and children, and his sister-in-law?”

“You let Hawkeye kill Yash Nics’s sister-in-law first tonight! “The

old butler nodded: “Yes, sir!”

… In the

Presidential Suite, Alton International Hotel, The Bund, Shanghang City.

Yash Nics had just come out of the shower, and he saw that Song Pingting, Tong Ke, and Song Qingqing were still not asleep.

Yash Nics smiled upon seeing this: “Why are you still not sleeping?”

Song Pingting smiled bitterly!

She and Tong Ke were completely worried because of too many things happened today, and it was difficult to fall asleep.

As for the little girl Song Qingqing, it was because she was traveling in other places and the environment was unfamiliar, and she was so excited that she couldn’t fall asleep.

Yash Nics smiled and sat down next to Song Pingting on the sofa, while holding her daughter in her arms, and smiled: “Since you are not sleepy, let’s watch a movie together.”

Yash Nics and the others live in this house. The hotel is a five-star hotel, and the suite they choose is the highest-level five-star suite.

Living room and kitchen, master bedroom and second bedroom, wine cabinet and bar counter are all available.

In addition, there is a home theater in the living room, where you can watch movies from all major shadows.

With Yash Nics’s suggestion, her daughter was the first to cheer with joy: “Okay, daddy, let’s watch a movie, and I want to watch a movie of an uncle soldier!”

My daughter has a special feeling for military movies. In addition to watching cartoons, she also likes to watch various military movies.

It turned out that when she was sensible, she often asked Song Pingting’s father where did she go?

Song Pingting always said that her father had gone to serve as a soldier to defend her family and the country.

Therefore, Song Qingqing has a special affection for soldiers, especially like watching military-themed movies.

Yash Nics hugged his daughter and said indulgently, “Okay, just watch this movie. Although I have some thoughts, it is a very good military movie. Soldiers are

near the city.” Yash Nics turned off the lights in the living room and only turned on the home projector and sound system. , The family began to watch movies.

At this time, on the roof of the building opposite the Alton Hotel, the eagle eye in black clothes was standing in the dark.

A sniper with long hair next to him was playing with the scope on a sniper rifle.

Behind him, there are four subordinates who almost merge with the darkness.

The sniper is called the left-hander. Although he is a left-hander, he has a lot of shots and can be called a top killer.

The four subordinates are also top killers raised by the Hai family, and they all have the same code name: Shadow.

At this moment, his left hand raised his head, looked at Eagle Eye, shook his head and said: “The Yash Nics family is not within the attacking field of view.”

“His group of men are very professional. After we scared them once with explosives and laser flashlights, they We won’t reveal such a low-end flaw. Let’s shoot at them from the opposite building.”

Yingyan said coldly, “Master has given the order to die. Tonight, we must kill Yash Nics’s sister-in-law and give Yash Nics some blood. The lesson.”

“Since he didn’t give us a chance, then we will do it directly to create the opportunity.”

“Shadows!” The

four killers who almost merged with the darkness said in unison: “Yes!”

Hawkeye looked at the Alton Hotel on the opposite street, and said coldly: “Prepare to do it, sneak into the hotel and assassinate Tong Ke.”

“Yes!” The

four shadow killers immediately put on gliding suits, each biting in their mouths. A dagger, and then jumped straight from the roof of the 300-meter-high building in a neat and uniform motion, and flew towards the opposite hotel like four nocturnal bats.

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