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Soon, Hai Pingchao and his entourage came to the headquarters of the Eastern Navy District and met General Wei Lin, the commander in chief.

Wei Lin is fifty years old, with stiff lines on his face, with severed beards, and an aura of no anger and might.

Hai Pingchao bowed and said: “I have seen Chief Wei!”

Wei Lin smiled heartily: “It turns out that it is Lao Hai, you are here, sit down and talk!”

Hai Pingchao did not sit down immediately, but waved his hand, and immediately had a subordinate. Come over with a scroll of calligraphy and painting.

Hai Pingchao opened the scroll of calligraphy and painting, and smiled and said: “Chief Wei, I prepared some gifts for you when I came. I asked Wu Qingshan to write this calligraphy. It is very suitable for you.”

Wei Lin followed Several of his subordinates came over to take a look.

I saw a few powerful calligraphy written on the rice paper: the giant of the country.

Wu Qingshan is a well-known calligrapher in Donghai Province. His characters are hard to find, and these characters are extremely well-written.

Everyone at the scene could not help but applaud.

Chanxiao of sea level tide Wei Lin said: “Wei heads, you are the State of the weighing, the words that giant country, the most apt to describe you, people who can afford to lose this pair of words, non-none other than your, ha ha.”

Wei Lin is the commander-in-chief of the Eastern Navy District, and he sits on one side, and everyone at the scene feels that Wei Lin can afford these words.

Everyone thinks that Hai Pingchao’s gift is deliberate, and flattering is also the right place.

But what Hai Pingchao and others did not expect was that Wei Lin directly shook his head when he heard the words, waved his hand and said, “No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, let’s

not talk about the stars like clouds in the capital.” Zhao Ruolong and Liu Zhenping from Jiangnan!”

“Only the young marshals of the Northern Territory, we are the most prominent God of War in China in recent years. I am far behind.”

“The Northern Marshal is known as the giant of the empire. How dare I compete with him? I would never be a giant of this country.”

Hai Pingchao was stunned when he heard the words, and everyone on the scene was also stunned.

The young marshal of the North has the reputation of being a giant of the empire. Wei Lin dare not accept the calligraphy and painting of the giant of this country. How can this be done?

The other party didn’t dare to accept the gift, could it be that he took it back in despair?

In the end, Hai Pingchao was the old rivers and lakes. After he was stunned for a while, he immediately recovered, and immediately smiled and said: “The young commander of the North, the empire god of war, really can bear the evaluation of the empire giant. But Chief Wei, you are in my heart, It’s also a key

weapon of the country .” “I guess Chief Wei, and the young marshal of the North, both are the pillars of the country. The relationship between you should be very good?”

Wei Lin heard this, showing a meaningful smile, nodded and said: “Okay. I have a very good relationship with the young marshal of the North.”

Hai Pingchao immediately took the opportunity to say, “If this is the case, you will receive this calligraphy first. If there is a chance in the future, you can give it to the young man of the North. Handsome, isn’t it beautiful?”

Wei Lin glanced at Hai Pingchao, and said, “Okay, I will help you give this calligraphy to the young marshal in the north. I guess the young marshal received your calligraphy. , Will definitely be very happy.”

Hai Pingchao smiled at the words, this word not only pleases Wei Lin, but also has the opportunity to let him climb the galaxy battleship of the North Marshal, he is really excited!

He said repeatedly, “Thank you, Chief Wei. I really hope that one day, I can see the young marshal of the North and this calligraphy.”

Wei Lin said meaningfully, “Don’t worry, you will see it soon. When you go to the northern marshal, you will even see your calligraphy.”

Hai Pingchao thought that Chief Wei was going to introduce him to the northern marshal, his face flushed with excitement.

Wei Lin asked his subordinates to put away the calligraphy, asked Hai Pingchao to sit down, and ordered the guards to serve tea.

Wei Lin drank tea slowly, and asked with a faint smile: “I just came back from the capital with my front foot, Lao Hai followed your back foot. Come on, I am anxious to see what is wrong with me?”

Hai Pingchao smiled bitterly, His son collided with Du Tianlin and other leaders, and talked about the public trial today.

Wei Lin glanced at Hai Pingchao and said, “Lao Hai, did you want me to help save your son?”

“This is not easy!”

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