The One & The Only

The One and The Only Chapter 643 Read free Novel

Soon, Abu and Song Pingting and his party came to the Grand Hyatt Hotel.

After the two parties sat down, Song Pingting smiled and said, “Mr. Abu, let me first tell you about the cooperation plan of our Ningda Group!”

Unexpectedly, Abu waved his hand and said proudly: “I don’t want to listen to you. Just listen to my arrangements.”

Song Pingting and his party looked at each other. This Tianzhu pharmaceutical tycoon is a bit strong!

Song Pingting nodded and said, “Well, I will listen to your cooperation plan first.”

Abu said with a smile, “My plan is very simple. You will marry me and be my 21st wife.”

“Post-liver cancer .” I will also be responsible for all the vaccines, and I guarantee that the vaccines will sell well all over the world.”

Song Pingting and others were shocked!

Song Pingting’s pretty face showed a touch of embarrassment. This curry-smelling Tianzhu man actually wanted her to marry him and become his 21st wife?

Is she crazy?

Or is it the beauty he wants?

Song Pingting forcibly resisted her anger, and said in a deep voice, “I’m sorry, I’m already married, and we will only talk about official business today, and nothing else.”

Abu said with a grin, “If you get married, you get divorced and marry me. I don’t mind.”

“But when our Tianzhu women go out, they must wear a veil and can’t show their faces. You must pay attention to this after you marry me.”

Song Pingting couldn’t help it anymore and said angrily: “Abu Sir, please make it clear. I am married, I love my husband very much, and I will not marry you.”

Abu’s eyes widened: “My assets are almost ten times that of your Ningda Group, and I am still the highest in Tianzhu. Waiting for the nobles, countless Tianzhu women knelt and wanted to marry me.”

“They all think it is a great honor to marry me. You refused to marry me?”

Song Pingting looked at the arrogant arrogant in front of her, and said coldly: “I will not marry you, and even plan to cooperate with you. We will talk about this until now.”

After that, Song Pingting wanted to take it with him. A group of executives left.

Abu sneered and shouted: “Burning the sky!”

A tall, thin, middle-aged man dressed as an ascetic, with a group of men, stopped Song Pingting and the others.

This ascetic monk is the master of Tianzhu hired by Abu heavily gold, Burning the sky.

Fen Tian’s eyes were like poisonous snakes, gleaming with terrible light, and his voice said coldly: “Our boss didn’t tell you to

leave , none of you can leave .” A male executive named Li Jianming beside Song Pingting said angrily. Pushing Burning the sky forward, he cursed: “What do you want to do, do you know that this is Da Xia. Are you a group of Tianzhu Asan, dare to stray wildly on our site?”

Li Jianming’s words just fell off!

Fen Tian started his hand and snapped Li Jianming’s right hand off.


Li Jianming screamed bitterly!

Fen Tian kept moving, making continuous shots, clicking and clicking, breaking Li Jianming’s left hand and feet in a few strokes.

Li Jianming was still screaming at first, but then he passed out in pain.

Song Pingting and others were full of horror. She said angrily: “Abu, you dare to indulge your subordinates to hurt people!”

Abu took out a bottle of golden root pills, poured out two, and swallowed water in front of Song Pingting. Take it down.

Then, he grinned and said: “In our Tianzhu, if a man doesn’t agree with a woman, he can only use the most primitive way to conquer a woman.”

“Hey, Miss Song, after you have tasted my power, you will definitely I am willing to be my 21st wife.”

Song Pingting showed a frightened expression!

She remembered at this moment, Tianzhu women are very low status, and Tianzhu men violently abuse women at every turn.

Now this guy named Abu obviously brought his usual style of doing whatever he wanted in Tianzhu to Daxia.

She said with a pale face: “What do you want to do?”

Abu said with a smirk: “Of course it is to use a man’s ability to conquer you and make you my woman.” After

he finished speaking, he ordered Fen Tian to wait for his men: “Look at the others. People who dare to change, kill them directly.”

After speaking, he squinted towards Song Pingting, “Hey, beauty, I’m here!”

Song Pingting was horrified!

At this moment, the door of the suite was kicked open with a bang.

Then, the two masters of violent wind and fury walked in blankly.

Abu was stunned: “Who are you two?” The

wind and angry waves did not speak, but moved away from the left and right sides.

Then, a man with a tall figure and a star-like stare walked in unhurriedly. It was Yash Nics.

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