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next day!

The Yash Family Mansion, Jizhou City.

There are lights and festoons everywhere, a joy.

Today is the 60th birthday of the Yash family master Chen Xiong. Countless dignitaries have come over to congratulate him on his birthday.

Today, Chen Xiong is wearing a Baifu Tang suit, carrying his 40-year-old step-wife Hai Xin, his son Chen Jiandong, and the servants of the family to entertain the distinguished guests who come to celebrate their birthday.

“Congratulations, congratulations!”

“Congratulations, Mr. Yash, for the East China Sea and Longevity than Nanshan!” The one who

came to congratulate Chen Xiong on his birthday was a figure with a face in the underground circle in the north of the capital.

Chen Xiong blushed and was full of contentment.

The Yash family was able to come to the north from its home in the East China Sea, and establish a foothold in the north to become a wealthy family in the north.

Chen Xiong is quite proud of his achievements!

It’s just that he has long forgotten that he didn’t have the support and company of his ex-wife all the way back then.

The housekeeper Wang Fu came over at this time and said respectfully: “Master, madam, young master, the guests are almost there, and the time is almost almost. Did you order the chef to start serving dishes and have a banquet?”

Chen Xiong smiled and was about to nod.

But at this moment, a group of people suddenly came outside, saying loudly that they were here to give gifts to Master Chen.

Today is Chen Xiong’s happy day. There is no reason to refuse when guests come to give gifts. He said happily, “Who gave gifts and asked them to present them.”

Dian Chu brought eighteen people in black suits. The subordinates walked in, holding a scroll in each suit.

Countless guests at the scene exclaimed when they saw this scene.

“Oh my God, who gave the gift, such a big show.”

“Yes, eighteen people are holding scrolls in their hands. It should be eighteen famous calligraphy and paintings!”

“Tsk tsk, it’s extraordinary, but Master Chen has the face.”

Chen Xiong, Madam Haixin and others listened to the guests. They exclaimed and discussed, their faces were pleasing.

Dian Chu did not report his identity. He only ordered the eighteen men behind him to line up, and then said loudly, “Open the present and let Mrs. Yash and Mrs. Haixin have a look.”


Eighteen people, with eighteen scrolls in their hands, unfolded.

The styles of the eighteen paintings are unified, but they are all hells, and they are eighteen layers of hells.

Each painting is a layer of hell, and there are ghosts in each layer of hell, who are torturing a man and a woman.

What kind of hell of the sword mountain, the hell of the oil pot, everything is available.

Chen Xiong, Mrs. Haixin, and everyone at the scene were all stunned.

Master Chen’s 60th birthday, a great day, someone sent a picture of 18 layers of hell, what does that mean!

Before Chen Xiong had time to get angry, someone immediately exclaimed: “Look carefully, every picture of hell, the men and women who were tortured by ghosts, are Master Chen and Madam Haixin!”


Chen Xiong and Mrs. Haixin quickly looked at the picture of hell carefully.

Sure enough, the eighteen pictures of hell in which the ghosts used torture were both of them.

Chen Xiong and Madam Hai Xin were trembling with anger, and they just wanted to get someone to blast out the troublemakers like Dian Chu.

But at this time, outside the front yard gate, there was another group of people blowing and beating.

These people put on sackcloth and filial piety one by one, playing the funeral music of the dead, and came in with a coffin.

Some people scatter paper money madly, some cried: “Master Chen Xiong, Mrs. Haixin, you two died so miserably…”

Everyone at the scene was dumbfounded!

Madam Hai Xin paled with anger and trembling all over.

Chen Xiong was so angry that his blood pressure soared, his temples jumped suddenly and he almost vomited blood into a coma.

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