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middle-aged fat store manager looked at the high-end beauty salon that cost tens of millions to renovate, and he was smashed all over.

His heart is bleeding!

He became the store manager after investing several million shares.

It’s okay now, the shop has been smashed, how can he explain to the headquarters!

He looked at Yash Nics bitterly, and said angrily: “You’re done, our noble lady brand Jiangnan general agent is the well-known rich man Mr. Lin Hai, and our noble lady chairman is the mistress of the northern wealthy Yash family, Mrs. Haixin.”

“You dare to smash our chain stores, you are waiting to be unlucky!”

Lin Hai!

One of the ten richest people in Jiangnan Province!

In Jiangnan Province, he has a status and status. There are not many people who dare to have trouble with Boss Lin.

Even Song Pingting was slightly surprised and worried when she heard that Lin Hai was the general agent of the brand Jiangnan.

Yash Nics said indifferently: “Hehe, what does it mean to smash your store?”

“I just said that all chain stores in the south should be closed for good.” The

middle-aged fat man and the noble lady shop assistants were all staring. eye.

The middle-aged fat man couldn’t help but sneered: “It’s so big that I dare to say that all our chain stores in the south are closed. Why don’t you say that you are Jiangnan Province Zun?” The

corner of Yash Nics’s mouth rose slightly, and Jiangnan Province Zun saw it. He is only in favor of flattery!

He took out his cell phone and called Dian Chu: “I want all the Noble Lady’s chain stores in Jiangnan to be closed within

ten minutes .” In ten minutes, all dozens of Noble Lady’s chain stores in Jiangnan Province will be closed. .

Don’t you dare to brag like that?

Do you really consider yourself a provincial honor?

The middle-aged fat man couldn’t help laughing, and said sarcastically: “I admire and admire you. I really admire your bragging ability. You brag and don’t blush, we people blush for you.”

Song Ping Ting came over with Song Zhongbin and Ma Xiaoli, and whispered to Yash Nics.

Song Pingting said: “Husband, let’s not quarrel with him. This matter has become like this. Let’s call the police to deal with it.”

“They lied to our money and we smashed their shop. Go through legal procedures. They should refund them, and we should compensate us.” The

middle-aged fat man heard the words and thought the Song Pingting family was scared.

He screamed even more and yelled: “Compensation?”

“You hurt me and smashed our shop!”

“Also threatened to have all our chain stores in the south. You think our Jiangnan general agent, Mr. Lin, would be so easy. Will you let you go?”

“You are waiting to lose your fortune!”

Yash Nics said to Song Pingting indifferently: “My wife, don’t worry, I said that if they want to close all the chain stores in the south, they will close their doors.”

“As for compensation, only they compensate us, but we didn’t compensate them.” The

middle-aged fat man smiled angrily: “Oh, it’s arrogant. I have to see how you can close all our chain stores within ten minutes.”

“Also, when Mr. Lin, our general agent of Jiangnan Province, will deal with this matter, I hope you can still be as tough as you are in front of him.” As

soon as the middle-aged fat man’s voice fell, his mobile phone rang frantically. .

It turned out to be Lin Hai, the general agent of your lady’s brand in Jiangnan Province, and boss Lin called.

The middle-aged fat man glanced at Yash Nics triumphantly, raised the phone in his hand, and said with a sneer: “Our Jiangnan general agent, Mr. Lin, has called. You are waiting for it!”

With that he turned on the phone, his face Chanxiao said: “The total forest!”

Cell phone came the voice of an angry man: “Huang fat!”

A middle-aged fat man heard this fat footer startled, quickly said: “In the Mr. Lin, I’m listening!”

Lin Hai’s roaring voice came from the phone: “You dog, who the hell did you offend?”

“Our noble lady brand has a total of 37 in Jiangnan Province. A chain store was blocked by the law enforcement team at the same time.”

“I called the relevant leaders and found out that the problem lies with your dog, who did you offend you?”

“I spend 2 billion every year to get the lady The agency of the brand in the South. You closed all my stores, and I fucked you.”

Huang Defa listened to the phone, and Boss Lin roared furiously.

He felt like thunder was rolling, and his whole person was completely stupid.

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