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he recovered, and his voice was already crying: “Boss Lin, I don’t know what’s going on. A guy said he wants all of our chain stores within ten minutes. Close the door, I didn’t expect him to be so powerful…”

Lin Hai gritted his teeth and said: “You can solve your troubles yourself. If you can’t ask the gentleman to forgive me, if these chain stores of mine cannot reopen, I will do it myself. You got it.”

Huang De paled with fright when he heard the words, what else did he want to say?

But Boss Lin had already snapped and hung up the phone directly.

Huang Defa’s face was gray, he raised his head in despair and looked at Yash Nics.

In addition to shock, there was also fear in his eyes.

This man, with a single call, closed all dozens of Noble Lady’s chain stores in Jiangnan Province within ten minutes. What an amazing skill!

Everyone on the scene looked at Yash Nics in shock.

At first, all of them thought Yash Nics was bragging. They didn’t expect Yash Nics to be really bragging!

The clerk at the beauty salon became more panic, especially the guys who were involved in cheating Yash Nics’s parents.

Regardless of the injury, Huang Defa knelt down in front of Yash Nics’s family with a thump, crying bitterly: “Mr. yash, I was wrong. I shouldn’t pit your mother-in-law’s money, let alone yell at you, please. Leave me

alone !” Yash Nics said coldly: “Now that I know it was wrong, why did you go there earlier?”

“Now, can I refund my mother’s money?”

Huang Defa said repeatedly, “Retire, I will immediately Refund, full refund.”

Soon, Ma Xiaoli was half-coaxed and half-deceived, and all the five million that had been recharged was returned to her account.

Yash Nics gave this card to her in private, saying it was for her to buy vegetables, and there was no limit on the transaction amount.

She thought that this card was only tens of thousands of dollars, that is to say, the membership card was recharged today. She was deceived. After all the money was charged to the membership card, she realized that there were 5 million in the card.

Now that the money has been returned, her guilty regret and self-blame heart is a little better.

She handed the bank card to Yash Nics and said nervously, “Yash Nics, Xiao Ting, I didn’t know how much this card is. This card is not safe for a woman to hold, so you should put it away!”

Yash Nics smiled and said: “Mom, I give you this money for your household, why are you giving it back to me!”

“What do you buy, as long as you are not deceived by others, you can buy it, it doesn’t matter if you spend more . ”

Song Ping Ting also said:” mom, this is Ning for you, you can close the bar, or as to help him temporary custody is also OK. ”

Repairation hear her say, reluctantly agreed to continue to keep this card .

Huang Defa cried and said with a sad face: “Mr. Yash, I have already refunded the money. Then our lady is in these chain stores in Jiangnan Province, you see…”

Yash Nics said indifferently, “You lied, return the money, it can only be regarded as Minus a bit of guilt, but it doesn’t mean you are not guilty!”

“Also, I do n’t think you did this wicked thing once or twice!”

“You chain stores, can you reopen the door? It depends on how the relevant departments deal with you. !” As

soon as Yash Nics’s voice fell, a group of joint law enforcement teams came!

The captain of the law enforcement team turned out to be Wang Zhixing, captain of China Shipping Criminal Investigation Team!

Wang Zhixing politely greeted Yash Nics’s family, and then coldly said to everyone in Huang Defa: “We have received reports from the masses and related leadership orders, suspecting that your beauty salon has fraudulent crimes.”

“You have been listed as 315. Investigate the project, now please come back with us to assist in the investigation.”

Huang Defa’s group is completely stupid!

Wang Zhixing coldly said: “Handcuff them all back!”

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