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Ding Yuanyang finished speaking, looking at Li Zhongmin and others, and some on-site tourist buses and Porsches, frowning

and saying, ” What are you doing?” Li Zhongmin said quickly, “Check the car! ”

Ding Yuanyang said displeasedly: “Is there any problem with the vehicle, take it back to deal with the problem immediately, and let it go as soon as possible.”

Li Zhongmin took the opportunity to say, “Ding Bureau, there is a problem with this tourist bus.”

The driver of the tourist bus quickly called out: “Don’t talk nonsense, our tourist bus documents are complete, what’s the problem?”

Li Zhongmin snorted, pointed at Yash Nics, and said sternly: “This person hinders the execution of official duties and provokes our law enforcement.”

“Ding Bureau, you There was an armed police accompanying him, so he handcuffed the boy back and tidied up.”

Ding Yuanyang actually received a notice temporarily and hurriedly ran here to meet the young marshal.

But he himself didn’t know what car the young marshal’s car was. He only glanced at the photo of the young marshal’s ID given to him above, and remembered the young marshal’s appearance in his mind.

At this time, he looked in the direction Li Zhongmin pointed and saw Yash Nics.

With a swish of his scalp, it went numb in an instant.

His face was terrified, and his eyes were shocked.

Because the man in front of him who is tall and tall and looks like a star is the young marshal himself!

Ding Yuanyang opened his mouth and was about to shout excitedly to the head!

But Yash Nics has already noticed his intention!

Yash Nics was the first to speak: “You are the Ding Bureau,

the leader of their traffic police, are n’t you ?” “You came just in time, you Captain Li, deliberately making things difficult for ordinary tourists from other places, what do you think of this matter? ”

Yash Nics deliberately raised the voice of ordinary tourists!

Ding Yuanyang was stunned for a moment. He looked at Yash Nics again in casual clothes, and then thought of the young marshal’s guard captain Dian Chu who said that everything should be simple and low-key.

Ding Yuanyang immediately understood that the marshal didn’t want to make a public appearance.

Ding Yuanyang turned his head and looked at Li Zhongmin, and asked calmly, “Li Zhongmin, what’s the matter?”

Li Zhongmin didn’t notice the anger hidden behind Ding Yuanyang’s calm expression. He felt that with his long-term relationship with Ding Yuanyang, his superiors and superiors. Ding Yuanyang wouldn’t be able to turn his arm out even if the matter was big, he would definitely protect him.

He said carelessly: “Ding Ju, this kid has a bad attitude, arrogant and domineering. At first glance, he is a spoiler.”

“And he deliberately contradicted me and deliberately hindered the execution of official duties. I asked him to be arrested and taught him a lesson.”

“Otherwise, everyone thinks of him like this, so I can’t do my job.”

Ding Yuanyang nodded and said, “Since I can’t do it, then you don’t want to do it.”

Li Zhongmin’s smile froze instantly, his eyes froze. He showed a look of uncertainty, and he stuttered: “Ding and Ding, you are so good, why are you kidding me? This is a joke, you are going to scare me to death.”

Ding Yuanyang’s face was stern and stern. Said: “Who is joking with you, I now officially announce the removal of your fifth captain’s position, you immediately go back to complete the procedures.”


Li Zhongmin felt that the sky was rolling, and he was completely stupid, as if the sky was about to fall.

His expression was uglier than crying, and he asked in a crying voice: “Head, head, what’s going on?”

Ding Yuanyang pointed at Yash Nics and shouted loudly: “Do you know who he is?”

“He is me ? Bring the team here to pick up the distinguished guests!”

“The Honorable Masters and they all have a banquet, waiting for Mr. Yash to arrive, you dare to say that you want to catch Mr. Yash, are you really tired of your life?”

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