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Ding Ju led a large number of traffic police and special police to greet Yash Nics?

There are also leaders such as the Honorable Master, holding a banquet waiting for Yash Nics to come?

Li Zhongmin gasped in horror, his face gray and desperate.

He knew he was planted today!

Cao Shao, who was leaning on the side of the Porsche car and was smoking, also grew out of shock, his cigarette fell on the ground without noticing it.

Song Pingting’s entire family looked at Yash Nics in shock.

Jinling Province hosted a banquet and sent a large number of traffic police and special police to greet Yash Nics. Isn’t this too powerful?

Ding Yuanyang hurried to Yash Nics and said with a smile: “Mr. Yash, do you think I can deal with it like this?”

Yash Nics said coldly, “Sloppy, this kind of guy holding chicken feathers as an arrow. If you don’t deserve to be a servant of the people, you should be expelled from the team.”

Yash Nics said here, looking at Li Zhongmin with a gray face, and at Cao Shaoyuan, who was standing next to the Porsche in slippers, and said coldly: “However, Before Captain Li goes back to hand over his duties, I hope he will finish his last shift.”

“This Porsche owner is driving in slippers . Should n’t you check it out?”

Ding Yuanyang turned his head and looked at Cao Shaoyuan, and saw that it was Mr. Cao, Wei Wei Frowning a bit.

But remembering Yash Nics’s identity, he immediately said to Li Zhongmin without hesitation: “I heard no, you have finished the last shift. You can check the Porsche owner for me and deal with it strictly according to law.”

Li Zhongmin’s expression changed. , Trembling said: “Ding Ju, he is Cao Shaoyuan, the son of the Cao family…”

Ding Yuanyang: “Check it!”

Li Zhongmin had no choice but to bring a few team members forward to interrogate Cao Shaoyuan.

He didn’t dare to favor favoritism, so he found out the problems of Cao Shaoyuan driving in slippers and driving without a license.

Cao Shaoyuan was shocked and angry. He asked Li Zhongmin to teach Yash Nics and the others. He didn’t expect Li Zhongmin to turn his head and investigate him in the end.

He yelled angrily: “You dare to check me, do you know who my dad is?”

Yash Nics said coldly: “Who is your dad going home and ask your mom to go… Captain Li, how can you punish driving without a license? ”

Zhongmin Ding looked at the ocean, then whispered:”! detention plus a fine, ”

Ning nodded:”! well, this kid up and arrest it, ”

Cao yuan less Jingnu Cross, growled:” Who dares to arrest me? ”

Ding Yuanyang winked at the armed police around him. Several armed police officers stepped forward, resorted to a capture technique, and directly threw Cao Shaoyuan to the ground, took out the handcuffs and cuffed them with a click, and then forcibly took them away.

Everyone at the scene looked at each other.

Everyone looked at Yash Nics in shock, wondering what exactly is Yash Nics’s background? The leaders of Jinling are really respectful to him, right?

Song Qingsong was extremely proud and couldn’t laugh from ear to ear. He laughed and said: “My grandson-in-law is a cow. You still dare to bully our Song family.” After

dealing with Li Zhongmin and Cao Shaoyuan, Ding Yuanyang respectfully said to Yash Nics: “Mr. Yash, Sheng Master Zun and other leaders are already hosting a banquet, please come with us!”

Song Pingting, Song Zhongbin, Ma Xiaoli, and Song Qingsong’s family looked at Yash Nics with shocked expressions.

Yash Nics said lukewarmly: “Go back and tell you Master Provincial, his kindness is appreciated by my heart, but this time I am traveling to Jinling with my family and will not participate in any entertainment.”

Ding Yuanyang was dumbfounded: “This…”

Yash Nics’s face sank: “Why, haven’t I said clearly enough?”

Ding Yuanyang hurriedly said: “No, Mr. Yash, your instructions are very clear, I will go back and report to Mr. Shengzun.”

Soon, Ding Yuanyang left with his men.

Song Qingsong’s gang couldn’t help it anymore, and they surrounded Yash Nics one after another, saying excitedly: “Yash Nics, you are so amazing, you are so arrogant in Jinling.”

“Not only are there a large number of special traffic police officers in front of you .” Come to greet the escort, and even the Honorable Master hosted a banquet in person.”

Even Song Feifei, who is very hostile to Yash Nics on weekdays, couldn’t help but say sourly: “Yes, what exactly is Yash Nics? Why are you Jinling? Do the leaders respect you so much?”

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