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Yash Nics and his entourage got on the tourist bus again, entered Jinling city, and came to one of the most famous hotels in Jinling, Qinglong Hotel.

Everyone got off the car, helped the old and the young, dragged their luggage, and walked into the magnificent lobby of the Qinglong Hotel.

Yash Nics smiled and said, “Please open three luxury suites for us.” The

beauty at the front desk said Yanran: “Okay, please take out your ID card.”

Yash Nics and others handed over the ID card.

The beauties at the front desk took Yash Nics and their ID cards, and after swiping them, their smiles quickly solidified.

She returned her ID card to Yash Nics, and said coldly: “I’m sorry, you are on our hotel’s blacklist and will not be accepted.”

“Security, kick them out.”

Immediately, several hotel security guards asked for it. Came to drive Yash Nics and the others.

Everyone in the Song family was shocked and angry. They had never been to Jinling before, nor had they stayed in the Qinglong Hotel, so why were they blacklisted?

Yash Nics also frowned tightly, drank a few security guards, and then coldly asked the beauty at the front desk: “Can you explain what’s going on?” The

front desk clerk said blankly, “I can’t explain to you, enter Your ID card information, our hotel system prompts you to blacklist and cannot receive you as required.”

Yash Nics said indifferently: “Since you are not qualified to give an explanation, you should let qualified people come out to see me.”

Soon, one The middle-aged fat man with gold glasses arrived.

The middle-aged fat man named Li Qiang, the general manager of Qinglong Hotel.

He brought a few attendants, swaggered over, and asked displeasedly: “What’s the matter, it’s noisy?”

The front desk clerk immediately reported: “Manager, the system reminds them that they are all blacklisted. I drove them out according to the regulations. They were not happy and asked us to explain.”

Li Qiang said, “Let me see!”

Then he took a look. According to the information of Yash Nics and the people of the Song family, he immediately said to Yash Nics with a sneer: “Did you clashed with our chairman’s young master an hour ago and put our young master in the detention center?”

Yash Nics frowned: “Master? You are talking about Cao Shaoyuan!”

Li Qiang said with a sneer: “Yes, he is the young master of our chairman. You probably don’t know that this Qinglong Hotel is the property of Cao’s family?”

“Our chairman said. Bring all of you to the blacklist, and all Cao’s properties don’t welcome you.”

Song Pingting said angrily, “What’s so great, let’s change to another hotel.”

Li Qiang said triumphantly: ” Haha, I’m afraid you don’t know that our chairman Cao Guohua is a catering tycoon at Jinling Hotel.”

“If you go to other hotels or restaurants, it may be our chairman’s industry.”

“And even if it’s not our chairman’s industry, but other The hotel owner and the hotel owner must know our chairman.”

“Our chairman has just spoken, asking you to stay in Jinling without hotels and restaurants.”

Everyone in the Song family was shocked and angry.

However, a sorrow has also arisen from the bottom of their hearts. They know that the Cao family is very powerful in Jinling, especially in the hotel dining area, which can be said to be the leader.

Cao Guohua asked everyone in the Song family to have no hotel accommodation in Jinling and no restaurant to eat.

It is estimated that ordinary restaurants and hotels really dare not offend Cao Guohua, and dare not receive the Song family.

Song Qingsong said angrily: “It’s too much, it’s too much.”

Yash Nics said calmly, “My father, don’t be restless, what is Cao Guohua worthy of letting us have no place to live and nothing to eat?”

“We are going to stay at this Qinglong Hotel tonight!”

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