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Li Qiang threw himself down on his knees, and said with a trembling: “Chen Shao, I was wrong, I know I was wrong. I used to be your dog, I am still your dog now, please Please don’t care about me in general, I am willing to work for you in the future.”

Li Qiang has exhausted every means over the years and finally became the general manager with an annual salary of 3 million.

If he is expelled, he will have nothing.

At this time, he had no regard for dignity, and was full of ugliness, only begging Yash Nics to spare him once.

Everyone at the scene had weird expressions. The boss of the hotel, who was still alive just now, is kneeling in front of Yash Nics and claiming to be Yash Nics’s dog.

While everyone despised Li Qiang, they couldn’t help but look at Yash Nics in shock.

Yash Nics did not show the mountains and the dews, but he didn’t expect his strength to be so terrifying!

Yash Nics looked at Li Qiang who was crawling on the ground and crying for mercy, and said coldly: “What are you, you dare to call my dog? Dogs are more loyal than you. You are at best a white-eyed wolf!”

“From now on ! , You are officially fired!”

“Security, blast this guy out.”

The hotel security at the scene was stunned, and immediately realized that the person in front of him will be the owner of the hotel from now on, and they immediately executed Yash Nics without hesitation. The order, directly set up Li Qiang, dragged it out and threw it on the street.

Yash Nics turned to look at the front desk clerk, and calmly said, “Now, preparing three top-level suites, is there any problem?” The

front desk clerk trembled all over, and quickly said: “Mr. Yash…no, boss, no problem , I’ll make arrangements for you right away.” The

hotel staff got busy and hurriedly entertained the new owner of the hotel, for fear that they would be fired directly in Li Qiang’s footsteps.

Song Qingsong’s family all looked at Yash Nics in admiration, and said excitedly: “Yash Nics, you are so amazing, you have a long face, and you give us parents a big face!”

Yash Nics said to Wang Fu, “Go back and tell Chen Xiong that I will buy it myself if I want a hotel. I don’t need his help. I don’t want this hotel. Let him keep it.”

Wang Fu lowered his head and said in a low voice. The master said, he knows that you won’t want his things, so this hotel is not for you.”

Yash Nics frowned: “What do you mean?”

Wang Fu glanced at Song Qingqing held by Song Pingting, and whispered. “Master said, this hotel is a gift from his granddaughter and a little lady.”


Song Qingsong and others were so shocked that their scalp was numb!

The Yash family, the giants in the north, makes an extraordinary move.

The gift that Master Chen gave to his granddaughter casually is a hotel worth billions or even tens of billions.

This is too powerful!

The eyes of Song Qingsong’s family looking at Song Pingting’s family were too envious.

Yash Nics was stunned for a moment, and then coldly snorted: “My daughter is not rare. Go back and warn him not to interfere in my life.”

“Otherwise, the people you send by my side will come and I will kill one.”

Wang Fu’s face changed drastically, and he could only say yes quickly, and then left with his men.

After Wang Fu left, he immediately reported Yash Nics’s attitude to Chen Xiong.

At this time, Chen Xiong who was recuperating in his hometown, after listening to Wang Fu’s words, smiled bitterly: “This kid’s temper is more stubborn than I thought. It seems that I want him to forgive and can’t be anxious.”

“Forget it, Don’t follow him anymore and bring everyone back.”

Wang Fu said quickly: “Yes!”

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