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“Come here , handcuff all these gangsters back to me.”

Following Huang Feihu’s order.

A group of criminal investigators at the scene immediately came up aggressively, trying to handcuff Yash Nics and Dianchu to them.

Yash Nics just wanted to talk, when suddenly a group of people came outside!

It turned out that Chen Xiong and Wu Jiale, chief of the Jinling Police Department, came with a large number of criminal police officers.

Before Chen Xiong approached, the angry voice came first: “Who dares to handcuff my son!”

Everyone on the scene looked at Chen Xiong and Wu Jiale in shock.

Huang Feihu came up quickly and said hello in a panic: “Wu Ju, why are you here?”

Wu Jiale squinted and said unhappily: “If I’m not coming, aren’t you going to be messed up?”

Huang Feihu heard the words. An expression of panic was immediately revealed: ”

Bo Ju , I…” Wu Jiale snorted coldly: “Cao Shaoyuan was driving without a license. He was obviously going to be detained for ten days. Why did he let him go in one day? Did you let him go?

” Also, according to what I understand, it is Cao Shaoyuan’s intention to act against Mrs. Chen Shaoyuan. You have to handcuff Chen Shao back to deal with it. What is the reason?”

Huang Feihu was sweating profusely and he couldn’t say anything.

Cao Guohua was also shocked. He didn’t expect Chen Xiong to come.

Moreover, Chen Xiong also called Wu Jiale, the chief of the Jinling police, and crushed Huang Feihu who had called him.

Cao Guohua saw Huang Feihu slumped. He walked up and said solemnly: “Master Chen, Wu Ju, what happened tonight is my son’s fault.”

“But Yash Nics insisted on breaking my son’s legs and abolishing my son’s work.” Fate, this is too much, right?”

Wu Jiale nodded: “It is a bit too much, I suggest that you both take a step back, okay?”

Cao Guohua nodded immediately: “I agree!”

Then, everyone on the scene looked at Chen Xiong and Yash Nics and their opinions?

Before Yash Nics spoke, Chen Xiong grinned and said, “Okay, take a step back.”

Yash Nics frowned upon hearing this!

Cao Guohua, his son and others were happy when they heard this, thinking that there was room for maneuver.

Especially Cao Shaoyuan, he thought he had escaped, and he was greatly relieved.

But at this time, Chen Xiong suddenly made a move, and he raised his feet fiercely like lightning.

Click, click!

Chen Xiong’s fierce feet kicked Cao Shaoyuan’s knees separately, and directly kicked Cao Shaoyuan’s knees off.

Cao Shaoyuan screamed like a pig and knelt down.

Everyone at the scene was stunned!

Cao Guohua was furious: “Chen Xiong, you said you would take a step back!”

Chen Xiong grinned and said, “Yes, we planned to interrupt your son’s feet, and we will destroy your son’s lifeblood.”

“Now we are. I have already backed down and only interrupted your son’s feet. It’s a lot of face. ”

Arrogant, very arrogant!

Domineering, very domineering!

Cao Guohua clenched his fists, blue veins appeared on his neck, and said with a stern expression: “Chen Xiong, you are so crazy!”

Chen Xiong glanced at Yash Nics, and then smiled: “Hehe, everyone in our Yash family is so crazy! ”

Wu Kellogg cough, opening:”? Yash, you should be held liable Cao yuan less intent on Miss Song intentions do ” ”

And Cao, Yash should be held to interrupt your responsibility Cao yuan few feet of it? ”

“If you don’t pursue each other, then the farce tonight will end here!”

Cao Guohua glanced bitterly at Chen Xiong and Yash Nics, and gritted his teeth and said, “I will let your father and son pay the price!”

After that, he ordered his men to leave with Cao Shaoyuan.

Wu Jiale and Huang Feihu also closed the team and left.

At this time, Chen Xiong triumphantly said to Yash Nics: “Son, how is your dad behaving?”

Yash Nics coldly snorted, “I can solve my problem by myself, and I don’t need you to be troublesome!”

After speaking, Yash Nics took it with him. Dian Chu left with Eight Tigers.

Chen Xiong shrugged and said to Wang Fu and others around him: “This kid has exactly the same temper as when I was young.”

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