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hospital, the lights in the operating room were on, and the doctors and nurses were busy performing operations on Cao Shaoyuan.

Cao Guohua’s face was pale, and he took his family and a group of men to wait outside the operating room. He didn’t know how to describe his mood at the moment, and he was probably angry and barely able to get along.


“Master, the subordinates are here!”

“You inform Deng Jiu to let him kill Chen Xiong and Yash Nics and his son at any cost.”

“Yes, the subordinates will do it right away.”

Haosen finished. , Just want to leave.

But Cao Guohua immediately shouted to him: “Wait!”

Hao Sen was astonished: “Master, what else do you want?”

Cao Guohua said bitterly, “Let Deng Jiu kill Yash Nics first and then Chen Xiong. I want Chen Xiong’s old thing. Also taste what it’s like to have an accident with your son.”

Hao Sen: “Yes!”

Deng Jiu, a big man in the underground circle of Jinling.

With countless subordinates who gave him his life, the people in the arena are called Prince Deng.

On weekdays, if Cao Guohua encounters any difficult characters, he will let Prince Deng help to fix it, and this time is no exception.

In the eyes of Deng Jiu, Cao Guohua is his gold master.

The owner has something to do, so he naturally has to help fix it.

As a result, Deng Jiu immediately summoned hundreds of his subordinates and rushed to the Qinglong Hotel murderously.

Qinglong Hotel, the glass door at the entrance, was directly smashed by an excavator with a bang.

The front desk clerks and security guards in the hotel lobby screamed in horror.

After the excavator smashed the glass door, it slowly retreated.

Then, I saw a bloated man in a flowered shirt, with a bunch of murderous men coming in with knives and sticks.

When the hotel staff on the spot saw the fat man in the flower shirt, they immediately exclaimed in surprise: “It’s Lord Deng!”

Deng Jiu grinned, showing a mouthful of yellow teeth, and grinning grinningly: “Smash here for me!”

The men behind him, Hearing that, he immediately smashed it with his hands, and instantly everything in the hotel was smashed and the ground was messed up.

The employees of the hotel also screamed and ran away in fright.

Deng Jiu held a cigarette and watched his men smashed it with a sneer.

Soon, the hotel lobby was completely destroyed.

At this moment, Yash Nics showed up with Dianchu, Bahuwei, and the Song family.

Song Qingsong saw the magnificent decoration of the hotel lobby being smashed into the sky, even if it was not his property, he couldn’t help but muttered distressedly: “Creating evil, how much money will you lose?”

Deng Jiu grinned. Looking at Yash Nics, “You are Yash Nics, Mr. Cao told me to send you on the road.”

Yash Nics said coldly, “Only you?”

Deng Jiu grinned confidently: “Haha, with The five hundred brothers behind me are enough to make you die a hundred times.”

“But I’m a person who is very strict about the rules of the world. I will give you ten minutes to call people and let you die.”

Deng Jiu deliberately asked Yash Nics for help. !

Because he felt that if Yash Nics asked for help, he would definitely ask for help from Chen Xiong.

His purpose is to attract Chen Xiong, and then he can catch Chen Xiong and Yash Nics and his son at one go, and solve them all at once.

The corners of Yash Nics’s mouth rose slightly, and he said with a smile, “Hehe, give me time to call someone. This is the first time I have encountered this situation.”

“Okay, I will meet your requirements!”

As Yash Nics said, he directly called Zun Wang Jiong of Donghai Province: “Someone led the crowd to smash the Qinglong Hotel and threatened to send me on the road, saying that he would only give me ten minutes to call someone. You can handle it.”

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