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Mannity City Kindergarten Student Poetry Competition was held today.

Many kindergarten students in Mannity City participated in the early childhood poetry contest organized by the Education Bureau.

It is said that the top three students who performed well in this poetry contest can directly submit to Mannity No.1 Primary School.

Mannity No.1 Primary School is a key elementary school in Mannity City, and it is also the primary school with the highest grades in the high school entrance examination each year.

The environment, teacher resources, and teaching quality of this school are not comparable to other primary schools in Mannity City.

Therefore, every year, I don’t know how many parents desperately want to send their children to the first elementary school.

It is said that when the journal name is opened every year, many parents line up at the school gate in the middle of the night.

However, the number of students enrolled in the first elementary school is limited, so even students from the local school district, even if many students have excellent grades, cannot enter the first elementary school in the end.

In this early childhood poetry contest, the top three kindergarten students can be directly sent to the first elementary school.

This made all the parents of the students beat up their blood and encouraged their children to participate in this poetry competition.

Song Qingqing had excellent grades since he was a child, so naturally he also participated in this early childhood poetry competition.

Today, Yash Nics and Song Pingting personally accompanied Song Qingqing to the competition examination room and watched Song Qingqing enter the campus examination room and participate in the poetry competition.

Outside the school, there are many parents, all of whom are Song children to participate in the competition.

Suddenly, a middle-aged man with a big belly and a white shirt came over to say hello to Song Pingting: “Heh, isn’t this Song Damei, what a coincidence!”

This middle-aged man with a fat head and big face rushed. Song Pingting stretched out her hand, trying to shake hands with Song Pingting.

When Song Pingting saw this fat-faced man, a look of disgust flashed in the depths of her eyes.

It turned out that middle-aged man named Zhou Yu Feng, deputy director of the Department of Education in the sea

Zhou Yu Feng ago that Song Painting is a single mother, was Song Painting Life is hard, he has privately told Painting Song said, when you want and nurturing Song Painting Mistress.

However, Song Pingting severely refused on the spot.

Therefore, now Song Pingting can’t help feeling disgusted when seeing Zhou Yufeng.

She didn’t shake hands with Zhou Yufeng, but said coldly: “I’m sorry, Deputy Director Zhou, my husband doesn’t like me shaking hands with other men.”

“This is my husband, Yash Nics!”

Zhou Yufeng noticed the person next to Song Pingting. Yash Nics, Yash Nics is tall and straight, with stars in his eyes and extraordinary temperament, which makes him feel jealous.

He secretly cursed in his heart: What good is a man looking good, the most important thing is that he is powerful and powerful like me!

Zhou Yufeng didn’t even look at Yash Nics. He turned a blind eye to Yash Nics. In front of Yash Nics, he squinted at Song Pingting and smiled: “Beauty Song, you also sent your children to participate in the poetry competition!”

Song Pingting tried to endure his impatience and said faintly: “Yes, this poetry contest is organized by the Education Bureau. The students with the top three grades can be admitted to key primary schools in the future, and my daughter will also come to fight for it.”

Zhou Yufeng smiled. “It’s useless for your daughter to fight for it. If you are willing to fight for it, you still have a chance.”

Song Pingting frowned: “What does Zhou deputy bureau mean?”

Zhou Yufeng looked at wearing a professional uniform and a hip skirt, a typical city Song Pingting, dressed as a beauty, said with a squint: “This competition is organized by our Education Bureau, and the evaluation work is mainly responsible for the leaders of our Education Bureau.”

“The results of this poetry competition are not what some of our leaders said.

Forget it .” “My tigress has returned to her family in the past two days, and my sky is lonely.”

“If Ms. Song comes to my house to accompany me tonight, then I guarantee that the result of the contest will come out tomorrow, and your daughter will definitely be the first place in the poetry contest.”

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