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Dong Tianbao finished speaking, he left with his men.

Wang Long and a few injured guys came over to help Yuan Ziqian.

Yuan Ziqian was like an angry lion, raising his fists and knocking all Wang Long over.

Yuan Ziqian roared grimly: “What’s the use of raising your trash?”

Wang Long and the others were full of horror, and they endured the severe pain of the wound one by one, kneeling on the ground not daring to speak.

They knew that Yuan Ziqian was moody and cruel, and they were afraid that he would be killed by Yuan Ziqian if he was careless.


Yuan Ziqian didn’t kill anyone. He took out his cell phone and called his father Yuan Changan!

“Dad, I was bullied in

Mannity City. I think you sent the two bones and ghost servants to help me.” Yuan Changan heard that his son had been beaten, was shocked and angry, and promised: ” Okay, I will send two of them over to help you right away.”

Yuan Ziqian heard the words, and there was a light of excitement in his eyes!

The bones and the ghost servants were both terrifying powerhouses raised by their Yuan family, who dedicated their lives to their family.

Yuan Ziqian said cruelly: “Hehe, when the bones and ghost servants arrive, I will kill Yash Nics and Dong Tianbao all!”

Yash Nics drove home, and Song Pingting’s family saw Yash Nics come back safely. Sighed.

Song Pingting asked softly: “Yash Nics, are you okay, how are the Yuan family members doing?”

Yash Nics said with a smile, “I asked Dong Tianbao to punish them, and taught them a little lesson. Order them to get out of Mannity,

and no more troubles .” Song Pingting said worriedly: “I hope they are acquainted and don’t trouble us anymore.”

Yash Nics smiled and said: “Don’t talk about the clown, Xiao

Ting , I have something to discuss with you.” Song Pingting asked curiously: “What’s the matter?”

Yash Nics said with a smile , “We are together. , There is no wine, no wedding, or even wedding photos taken.”

“I plan to make up for these ceremonies that should be in life.”

“Of course, the wedding must be considered in the long term and planned well.

Ca n’t be anxious.” “But what about the wedding photos, let’s see that we can find a time to take a set, how about?”

Song Pingting’s eyes lit up, showing joy, and blurted out: “Really?”

Yash Nics narrowly smiled “Of course, am I going to lie to you?”

Song Pingting’s pretty face instantly flushed, she secretly blamed herself, isn’t it just taking a wedding photo? As for such a surprise and gaffe?

Song Zhongbin and Ma Xiaoli have always regretted that their son-in-law and daughter did not have a wine or wedding.

Because there is no wine or wedding, I feel that my daughter is not being married by a matchmaker.

There are even some distant relatives who don’t even know that their daughter is married, and think that their daughter is a single mother!

Therefore, Song Zhongbin and Ma Xiaoli heard that Yash Nics would make up the wedding banquet in the future, and they were the happiest.

Tong Ke heard that Yash Nics was going to be with Song Pingting, she looked at Song Pingting with envy, and muttered: “Cousin is so happy.”

Song Qingqing cheered and shouted: “Okay, Mom and Dad are going to take wedding dresses.

Take a picture!” Song Pingting blushed, she asked Yash Nics: “Which company do we look for for wedding photos? It is said that good wedding photography studios and good photographers are hard to find, even if you can find one. It will take a long time to line up!”

Yash Nics said with a smile: “This is simple, I will arrange it, and it is estimated that we will be able to shoot tomorrow.”

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