The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 102

His father’s bright smile was engraved into his brain, as if he was right there with him. Remembering his smile broke Alex’s heart.

“Dad, you were the one who chose and bought this place. You lived here!

“Your son will get it back for you,” Alex murmured to himself.

He closed his eyes, engulfed by his thoughts.

It was five in the evening by the time John rushed back to the manor from the hospital, feeling bloodthirsty. He blamed Alex and Brittany for the states his son and father were in. He wanted to let out his anger on and torture the two b*tches.

But when he got to the entrance, he saw the guards.

As Fred opened his mouth, John pushed him aside and asked coldly, “Is that pest Alex here?”

Fred didn’t dare disobey him and said, “He’s here.”

“Very good,” John said as he rushed into the manor. He had already thought of multiple ways to torture both the mother and son.

However, there was no one around, not even Brock, when he walked into the manor. There was only Alex resting on the grand master’s chair, drinking tea.

That was where Bill, the head of the family, normally sat.

John became more furious. “Who gave you permission to sit there? Who served you tea? Get up this instance!”

Alex shot him a dirty glare and drank the tea that he had prepared. He then said calmly, “I heard that you’re looking for me?”

Alex’s calmness made John want to beat him up right there and then. However, he knew that something was up.

He yelled, “Brock, Brock! Come out! Where are you?”

Since Brock had already died, it was impossible to have him present in the room. However, his loud yells caught the attention of the others in the manor. The guards, maids, Carol, Natalie and the others were all in the living room by now, followed by Noah and Paige.

Familiar faces surrounded Alex. A fairly beautiful woman in a uniform was present as well. She had a curvy figure with quite long legs. Alex knew this person. She used to be William’s secretary, Pepper Kimmich.

Now that William had passed, she became John’s secretary instead.

Back then, Alex called her Sister Pepper. As he looked at her, Alex realized something strange—this woman was a fighter with great internal strength.

Somehow, Alex just knew that his parent’s accident was much more than just a mere accident. There must be some dark secret behind it.

Carol was Noah’s daughter. With her parents here, she started complaining about Alex and making false accusations. Carol’s mother, Mariah Hamilton became extremely angry. She started pointing at and insulting Alex harshly and humiliatingly.

She even started cursing about William and Brittany.

Suddenly, Alex stood up and grabbed Mariah by her hair and slapped her multiple times. Her face became as swollen as an obese pig. She was horrified and couldn’t even say another word.

She would have become angrier if she was only slapped once. But with six slaps, she chickened out.

“You deserve to be slapped for insulting my parents!

“If you dare to run your mouth again, I’ll break your limbs!”

Alex flung Mariah to the side and stood up straight with his hands behind his back. His eyes were as deathly cold, sending chills down everyone’s spine.

Carol was terrified yet infuriated. “You… you would dare?”

“Why wouldn’t I dare to?”

Alex responded coldly and sharply. “You Rockefellers dared to barge into my house and knock down my mom and kidnap us. So tell me, why shouldn’t I dare to go up against you?

“John Rockefeller, tell me. Were you the one behind my parent’s accident?”

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