The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 104

John snorted. “Don’t worry. Rockefeller Group and this manor are owned by our Rockefeller family. Since William is dead, there is no way Alex could take everything back. He can keep on dreaming. I will give him nothing, not even a single penny!”

“But, he seems to have become more powerful. Did he actually train himself during the time he went missing? Look at the table… it is said that only fighters could do that,” replied Carol.

As part of California’s high society, it was reasonable for Carol to know of the existence of such people—fighters.

“So what if he is one? What decade is he living in? No matter how powerful he is at fighting, he’s still vulnerable and there’s no way he could dodge an actual bullet,” John snorted.

He glared at Pepper Kimmich and thought, ‘Two months? Hmph, within these two months I’ll send both you and your cheap mom down to the depths of hell.’

Instantly, he felt much better as his mind became clearer. However, he suddenly thought about Brock, who he had sent out, was yet to be seen.

John immediately made a call to Brock, but it was not picked up.

Looking at the shattered table, John had a bad feeling about it.


Driving, on his way to Maple Villa, Alex’s cell phone rang. It was a call from Dorothy.

“Where are you now?”

Dorothy wanted answers to the many questions she had in her head as she realized that she could not thoroughly understand Alex anymore.

Alex said casually, “Nowhere, I’m at home.”

Dorothy said, “Let’s have dinner tonight then, it is on me.”

“Well…” Alex thought for a while and said, “Sure. I will be late though as I need to prepare Mom’s medicine.”

They agreed to meet in an Italian restaurant at seven o’clock.

Alex hurried home.

At a glance, Brock’s corpse had been cleared away and the bloodstains on the ground had been cleaned up. Charles Carter and his family were there as well, alongside Brittany and Waltz Fleur. The little girl Zoey was showing off her dancing moves, which were taught by her kindergarten teacher, in front of them.

Seeing Alex, she ran over and hugged his leg and softly said, “Uncle, you are finally here. Look what I got you? A chicken wing from KFC! It’s really delicious but Mom is stingy and doesn’t let me eat anymore. She said I can only have two every week. So, I ate one and saved the other for Uncle.”

Alex lifted her up, his heart was full of warmth.

Saving half of her favorite fried chicken wings for him was a big thing to the little girl.

“Thank you Zoey, but Uncle has already eaten a few fried chicken wings today. Why don’t you have this yourself instead?”

“Are you sure?” asked Zoey.

“Of course!” Alex replied.

“Well…well, I’ll really eat it and there will be no more left!”

The adults could not help laughing at Zoey’s serious demeanor.

Alex and Waltz’s gazes met, and she silently gave him a look of relief, hinting that Brock’s corpse had been taken care of without anyone from the Carter family noticing.”

At this moment, Hailey Lawson said as she smiled, “Alex, I was just talking to your mom about the freckle cream manufacturing factory that you’re planning to open… I happen to have a skincare products manufacturing plant, which is not in use now. You can just take it over first!”

Alex was a little surprised. “Hailey, what business do you actually run?”

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