The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 107

The smell of perfume?

Alex’s mind buzzed for a while, and almost let the cat out of the bag.

He could not possibly tell Dorothy that Waltz just sat on his lap and rocked her body on and on, infusing him with the scent of her perfume.

He could still think straight, so he hurriedly explained, “Of course not, I have not seen Dr. Coney at all today. As for the perfume… I remember it now. It was Hailey’s, I just hugged…”

Before he could finish speaking, Beatrice exclaimed, “You hugged Hailey?”

Alex immediately corrected his words. “Let me finish speaking. I hugged Hailey’s daughter, Zoey. She had her mother’s perfume scent on her too.”

“Is it so?”

“Of course, why don’t you ask her yourself?”

“Nah, I trust you.”

Alex quickly grabbed her delicate hands and said, “Dorothy, I am so happy that you are so concerned for me, do you know that? During this period of time, I thought you didn’t love me anymore, and I almost wanted to die.”

Dorothy did not refuse his advances but looked at him affectionately instead. “We are husband and wife and I will never fall for anyone else. Unless, you fall in love with someone else.”

Slowly, Alex moved his lips closer to hers, and kissed her.

Of course, it was not their first kiss as their first kiss had already long gone. However, the moment their lips touched, a surge of ecstatic shock, in which a long time since felt, welled up in both of them.

Just as Alex planned to move his hands upward, Dorothy’s phone suddenly rang non-stop, as if urging her to answer.

Both of them could not help but move apart.

At a glance, it was a call from Claire, demanding them to return home as soon as possible.

Reluctantly, Alex started the car and headed for Assex Villa. However, even if Claire were to verbally abuse him later, it had become the least of his worries as he reminisced the passionate kiss, after ten months, mere moments ago.

He just needed to see her as a person who had gone mad.


Never did Alex ever expect that Claire charged at him and slapped him on the face as he was about to remove Dorothy’s heels, unguarded, after entering the house. She chided furiously, “Trash! Ungrateful brat! You dared hit my daughter, I’m going to kill you now!”

Dorothy yelled, “Mom, why did you hit him?”

Claire shouted, “What about it, huh? I want to kill this trash too! This trash, who is he? How can he hit Beatrice again and again? If he’s really that capable, go hit someone else or Lord Lex Gunther. What’s so good about hitting women? Only trash would do that. Beatrice is only a student and your sister too! Only a brute like him would do such a thing!”

Alex’s eyes glistened and he was about to send his hand flying at Claire but he held back with tremendous willpower. After all, that was his mother-in-law.

Dorothy was infuriated when she saw Beatrice, who was sitting on the couch and eating grapes, seemingly rejoicing in their misfortune. She immediately chided, “Do you know what Beatrice did, Mom? She deserved it! I would have slapped her if Alex did not do it. She dared to instigate Felix Shepherd to propose to me at my company. I am a married woman, did she ever think about my feelings? Is she even a part of this family?”

However, Claire said, “I knew it, what about it then? I was the one with the idea! Are you going to hit me too? I don’t understand what’s so good about this trash! There’s no future for both of you, you are only wasting your youth and life. He’s not good for you at all. Felix is much better in many ways, plus, he is the young director of Pegasus International, with billions’ worth of fortunes. You can have anything you want in the future, and you still have the opportunity to change your mind since you have not slept with this trash!”


Dorothy was truly livid. “Mom, what do you see me as? Objects waiting to be sold? Don’t you forget, only with Alex’s help, I can only secure the subsidiary company in City South, along with all its shares. Without him, we are living on nothing but air now!”

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