The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 108

Claire coldly snorted and threw a nasty glance at Alex. “So what? It was just a one-time favor. Furthermore, I suspect that Charles Carter of Waylon Realty signed the contract only because he was attracted to your beauty. Then, you wanted to give him the credit so that I’ll change my attitude toward him, am I right?”

“Oh my god!”

Dorothy was bereft of speech. Realizing that she could no longer communicate with Claire, she tugged at Alex’s hand and said, “Go to my room, now.”

“Stop! What qualification does he even have to enter your room?” yelled Claire.

“Because he is my legally-wedded husband.”

“No, I won’t allow it. Only one person can ever step foot in your room, that is Felix Shepherd of Pegasus International. Now, I only recognize him as my son-in-law.”

“Haha,” Alex laughed with an indifferent expression while looking at Claire calmly.

He thought she would change her attitude a bit after all he had done for the Assex family. Yet, her arrogant countenance and those insults that she just threw were even worse… as if she was showing her true colors with a showdown! As he thought about it, she would never accept him no matter how hard he tried or awed her with accomplishments.

Then, why should he put in the effort to win her approval?

After hearing her words, Dorothy’s face turned pale as rage welled up inside her.

How could a mother utter such a word? How could she face her husband in the future?

“Fine!” She held Alex’s hand tightly. “I’m not going back to my room, okay? From now on, I’ll be moving out and I’ll be sleeping with Alex tonight, on the same bed, in the same room, and do the things we should have done ten months ago!”

Dorothy was a woman with dogged determination as well. Otherwise, she would not have stabbed her chest with a knife on that wedding day.

“You… How dare you?!”

“Why won’t I?”

At that moment, a car stopped right in front of the manor’s entrance.

A young, well-dressed gentleman came out of the car—he was Felix, the young director of Pegasus International.

As she saw Felix, she rushed out barefoot to welcome him, as if she just saw her dear lover. Earlier her face was full of rage, she immediately donned a gentle and warm-hearted expression and said, “Oh my, it is you, Mr. Shepherd! What brings you here? I know it has been only a few days but Dorothy missed you a lot, and she kept talking in my ear about you!”

Dorothy’s expression darkened as she heard her mother’s statement.

Beatrice, on the other hand, came out leaping as she heard voices from outside. “Look who it is, my beloved brother-in-law! I kept calling you, why didn’t you pick up my call? I thought something had happened to you. Come in, come in! I’ll brew tea for you.”

Alex looked at Felix, who was coming over, with an apathetic expression.

Never did he expect that Felix, after what had transpired, would dare come and pester his wife.

Did he really not fear death?

However, he felt strange as he did not understand why Felix had a sprig on his back.

Claire asked, “Mr. Shepherd, why do you have a sprig on your back? Hurry, let me get it off. It’s so dirty.”

Felix sidestepped Claire and scurried toward Alex instead. He kneeled on the ground with a thud and said, “Rock… Mr. Rockefeller, I came to offer my sincerest apologies!”

“What?!” Claire covered her mouth in bewilderment, unable to comprehend what had just happened.

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