The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 112

Before Alex could get mad, Waltz opened the door. “I will be leaving now. I’ll come tomorrow after gathering the ingredients.”

Alex breathed a sigh of relief after Waltz’s departure.

He seemed relaxed, but also a little rueful.

“That… witch!” After getting teased by Waltz multiple times, Alex was at his limit. He quickly ran into the bathroom and took a cold shower.

Waltz was actually a few years older than Alex. Being a carefree mature belle, a fighter and coupled with the fact that she was a powerful chieftain in the underworld, it was no surprise to see her to be a little more touchy-feely with others.

Away from Alex’s residence, Waltz felt slightly flustered as she touched her face.

It was her first time teasing a man like that.

However, when she recalled Alex’s reaction when she flipped open the duvet, she could not help feeling amused and muttered, “I should have stripped then.”

Back at Hell’s Angels, Waltz, who was unable to suppress her excitement at the transcendence of her cultivation base, went straight for the training ground.

At this time, many people were sparring and training in the training ground.

One of them was Azure Storm.

He stood in a raised arena, facing three opponents.

Wham! Wham! Wham!

Three of the men from Thousand Miles Conglomerate lasted only a short while before being overwhelmed by Azure, and they could no longer get up.

“Master Azure is so mighty!”

“Master Azure, we are no match for you. Please, can we stop sparring?”

The few men cowered timidly, reluctant to spar with Azure as that would only be a one-sided slaughter.

Azure said with a cold expression, “No. don’t you all dare to slack. I will fight five now!”

A burst of bitterness was felt in the crowd.

At the moment, Waltz gently leaped onto the arena. “Brother Azure, what good is it to bully them? Let me fight you instead.”.

“Waltz, you are back?!”

Why was Azure training in the training ground in the middle of the night? It was all because he was disturbed by the fact that Waltz went to Alex’s and even wanted to stay overnight, so he, who felt dejected, needed an outlet to vent his frustration.

As soon as he saw her, he said in joy, “Great, I will give you an advantage by using only a single hand myself.”

Waltz answered, “No need.”

As she finished speaking, she charged straight at Azure.

Wham! Wham! Wham!

Azure was initially arrogant and confident that he could beat her with just a single hand, without going all out, but never did he expect that he was almost sent flying out of the arena immediately by Waltz, to the delight of the spectators.

Startled, Azure exclaimed, “Waltz, you… are already at Advanced Royal rank?”

“It’s incredible, isn’t it? So, you are still going to use one hand now?”

“Bring it on!”

Both of them exchanged blows, and the battle ended in a draw.

Even so, Azure was very surprised.

Even Lord Lex was alerted and quickly came to the training ground. Azure was an Advanced Royal fighter, and because of his very presence, Thousand Miles Conglomerate was able to secure their dominance in California’s underworld. Now that Waltz had reached Advanced Royal as well, their might would be redoubled.

“Alex helped me in the leveling of the cultivation base. Plus, he treated my wounds.”

“I came back to gather ingredients. According to Alex, he can make something called the chakra pill, it can further improve my powers after consuming it.”


Lord Lex and Azure’s jaws dropped after listening to Waltz’s reply.

“Mr. Rockefeller, you’re a man of miracles!” muttered Lord Lex.

“Shouldn’t there be a huge favor to pay for the things he did for you?” Azure’s eyes glistened.

Waltz blushed. “Now, I am his… bed-warming servant.”

Azure clenched his fists with intense anger, while Lord Lex exclaimed in approval, “Good! Good! Good!”

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