The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 116

Alex gently raised his left hand and immediately intercepted the kick. He drew closer to the man as his body moved away from the kick.

The man instinctively shivered in shock. “He is fast, how did he do it?”

In the next second, his face was engulfed by Alex’s right hand and being pressed to the back.


The man’s head was slammed into the window of the Rolls-Royce.

The crowd watched the scene, with their mouths agape in astonishment.

The kind old man, who gave his advice earlier, nearly had his eyes popped out of his head as he saw the scene.

Then, Alex grabbed the man’s head and drove it down the window again. In fact, it was a smash.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

He consecutively did it three more times until the Rolls-Royce’s windows were shattered and the man’s head was bloodied and badly bruised, then only did he stop. He said with a cold expression, “She is my wife. How dare you make my wife cry, do you know how big of a sin you have committed?”

The crowd wailed, bereft of speech.

So, the reason that guy went on a rampage was not because of his mother-in-law, who was beaten to a pulp, but his teary-eyed wife.

He must have loved his wife very much, did he not?

Dorothy was at a loss for words. She clearly knew, just a single word from the great Yowell family could destroy the existence of the Assex family with a cinch. Now that Alex had hit a member of the Yowells, his actions might just be the impetus for the Assex family’s downfall.

Though after seeing her mother’s miserable plight, Dorothy was all for Alex’s retaliation.

There were lines that should never be crossed.

Yet, as Claire was overflowing with fretfulness, she thought otherwise, “Alex, you trash. Don’t you know how powerful the Yowell family is?”

After quickly getting on to her feet, she rushed forward and slapped Alex’s face.


Never did he expect Claire’s sudden antics as he was busy dealing with the man from the Yowells, who acts ostentatiously. He managed to dodge most of the slap, with the fingers gently brushed against his cheeks, but to the onlookers, it was a forceful blow on his face.

Malicious insults came out of her mouth. “Alex, You foolish trash! How dare you hit someone from the Yowell family, huh? Did you even look at yourself in the mirror? You are just an abandoned son from the Rockefeller family, without any capability or power. Now you’re causing trouble to the Assex family, are you trying to lead us to our downfall? Get on your knees and apologize to him!”

Alex opened his eyes wide. “What did you say?”

At the moment, someone in the crowd spoke up, “I remember now, this man is the son of late William Rockefeller from Rockefeller Group. After his father’s death, he has been living off his wife in the Assex family for survival.”

“Damn, it’s really him!”

Suddenly, plenty of nasty looks and disrespectful gazes were cast at him. For someone like him to retaliate against the great Yowell family, was he trying to get himself killed?

The man from the Yowells, who was fearful just a while ago, instantly found some courage in the onlookers’ backing and looked at Alex with disdain as he raised his chin. “Brat, you’re dead meat if you ever offend the Yowells. So, you should listen to your mother-in-law and prostrate before me for a humble apology. Perhaps I will let you off the hook this time. Otherwise, you, and your family members, will suffer the ruthlessness of the Yowell family!”

The old man earlier interjected, “Sigh, young man. I just advised you earlier but you refused to listen. Impulsive actions will only result in mistakes. Hope you’ll know your failure to not act recklessly if you don’t have the capability. A humble apology is the wisest choice now.”

Alex grunted at the old man and then he turned his attention toward the man from the Yowells. “You want me to prostrate before you and say sorry, or you will harm my family?”

The man nodded. “That is right! Trust me, the Yowells have such capabilities, you do not want to invoke the wrath of the Yowells!”

“Oooh, I am so scared!” Alex stuck his finger in his ear and said, “But, I don’t believe it, try me!”

With that, he then proceeded to poke the man with his finger filled with earwax.

After that, he gave him a good, hard slap across the face, to the horror of the crowd.

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