The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 127

As soon as Keith Yowell said this, James Coney looked upset.

“Mr. Yowell, you’re being unreasonable. There is an order to things. I’ve already expressed my interest in Alex as my future son-in-law. How could you try to steal him away?” James quickly stepped forward and said.

“Why not? He isn’t even engaged to your granddaughter yet. Besides, even if they were married, divorce is still possible. It depends on who’s more capable. My granddaughter isn’t bad, either. In fact, she’s younger, and she can give birth to better children,” Keith said.

“You… you’re full of crap,” James growled.

“So what if I am? What are you going to do about it? It’s a fair competition!” Keith exclaimed.

Keith genuinely wanted a robust and capable person like Alex to become part of the Yowell family. Having Alex would be worth even more than earning a hundred billion dollars.

There was something Keith had not said. In the past, he used to be guided by an Earth-ranked martial artist. But after recalling how Alex caught Liam Yowell’s sword with just two fingers, he secretly suspected that Alex’s martial arts cultivation level might be even higher than that of an Earth expert.

Could Alex be an Innate Grandmaster?

Did such a young Innate Grandmaster really exist?

On the other hand, Dr. Cheryl and Michelle Yowell blushed after hearing what those two old men said. This was mostly the case for Michelle, who had no interest in Alex at all. If anything, she hated Alex to the core.

How could her grandfather ask her to bear his children?

“He’s a jerk. I don’t want to be with him! Hmph! Rockefeller, I don’t need your help. If you call me weird again, I… I’ll bite you until you die!” Michelle screamed before hastily running out of the house.

“Dad, have you forgotten that Michelle is engaged?” Liam blinked and said suddenly.

“The Pattingson family,” Liam muttered softly, his eyes were looking toward a certain direction, gazing at nothing.

Keith seemed stunned momentarily as if he had suddenly recalled something. His expressions became a little weary, and after letting out a sigh, he remained silent.

Alex shook his head. He didn’t expect the head of Yowell family to have such thoughts. Alex, however, wasn’t interested in discussing this at all.

“Alright. I have work to do. I need to go. Once you’ve gathered all the ingredients, give me a call,” said Alex as he stood.

He was actually here to nip things in the bud with the Yowells.

Now that the matter had been perfectly resolved, he was able to get his forty million dollars. On top of that, he needed some of those medicinal ingredients on the list for himself. Hence, it was a very rewarding trip all in all.

Keith quickly stood up and thanked Alex by saying he had more gifts in store.

Alex felt a little embarrassed while he shook his head. “There’s no need. Let’s talk after your illness has been cured. Also, you should all stop using your existing technique to practice martial arts.”

Keith’s facial expression darkened.

The Yowell family had its roots deep in martial arts. Their inner Chi practice was something inherited from their ancestors.

If they gave up practicing it, wouldn’t that mean that the Yowell family would have to leave the martial arts realm from now on?

Besides, they couldn’t leave just because they wanted to.

There were complicated connections and benefits derived from these ties that they couldn’t just walk away from.

“How about lending me your martial arts technique for a while? What do you think?” Alex frowned and said after seeing how depressed Keith looked.

This was actually a disrespectful request in the realm of martial arts. A family’s technique was an heirloom each kept close to their chest. How could they just give it to just anyone?

Keith’s facial expression changed. He locked eyes with Alex for five seconds.

Finally, Keith gritted his teeth in reluctance. “Okay. I’ll fetch it right away.”

Alex nodded slightly.

He wanted to review their martial arts technique not because he wanted to seek out its secrets but simply because he wanted to help them out.

Although Alex hadn’t learned the most advanced martial-arts cultivation techniques, he was the heir of the Ultimate Book of Medicine, and had an in-depth knowledge of a human’s inner organs and blood vessels.

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