The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 129

“Grandpa, Cheryl, I’ll be leaving now. Let’s get together someday!” Alex Rockefeller told James Coney and Dr. Cheryl. After that, he gave a slight nod to Keith Yowell.

Dr. Cheryl suddenly grabbed Alex by his arm. “Wait,” she said.

“What is it?” Alex asked, confused.

Dr. Cheryl suddenly reached out to adjust his collar before whispering into his ears, “Your collar’s a little messy.”

She then chuckled and backed away.

‘What’s going on?’ Alex thought to himself before looking over at Lady Assex.


She was staring daggers at him. Even now, Alex had no idea that Dr. Cheryl was to make Lady Dorothy upset. Clearly, the doctor still held a grudge after Lady Dorothy called her out for being shameless.

Lady Dorothy, unsurprisingly, showed that she was very upset by turning around and stomping away.

Alex quickly ran after her. “Hey, Dorothy. Dorothy, don’t leave!”

“Alex, it’s Cheryl’s grandmother’s birthday this Sunday. You must come to visit. Her grandmother misses you dearly,” James said.

Alex nearly tripped as he ran after Lady Dorothy.

After waving his hand, he quickly sped off after her again.

Meanwhile, Keith tutted and laughed. “Dr. Cheryl. Dear, oh, dear. Looks like Mr. Rockefeller cares a lot about his wife. I think you’ll have to try harder to steal him away,” he mocked.

Dr. Cheryl’s face flushed beet red, and she quickly left.


“Dorothy, Dorothy, listen to me.” Determined not to let her go, Alex finally caught up with Lady Dorothy and pulled her into his arms.

Lady Dorothy tried her hardest to set herself free but to no avail. “Let go of me! What else do you have to say? Go and be with that pretty doctor. The two of you can have your romantic time.”

“Why are you so jealous?” Alex asked.

“Who’s jealous? Who would be jealous of a jerk like you? Get out of my way… Mmph…” Lady Dorothy trailed off.

To stop her from saying another word, Alex pressed his lips against hers.

Wasn’t there a saying that described this?

Whenever a woman got angry, it was pointless for a man to try to explain things. The only way to stop an argument was to kiss her. If it didn’t work the first time, he would just have to do it again.

Indeed, Lady Dorothy’s defenses gave in after a while. Her body relaxed, and she even leaned into Alex’s embrace. Alex’s heart began to beat faster, and he couldn’t help but shift his hand downward…

Right then, they suddenly heard a voice nearby.

“Hey, Rockefeller. Aren’t you embarrassed? How could you hold a woman like this under the sun? Yuck. Men really are disgusting pigs.”

It was actually Michelle Yowell.

Her arms were crossed over her chest while she watched them in action.

At the end of the day, Lady Dorothy wasn’t all that thick-skinned. After being made fun of by Michelle, she couldn’t take it anymore. She pinched Alex on his waist before turning around and running away.

Her pretty face had now completely reddened.

Alex secretly cursed Michelle for getting in their way. If it wasn’t for her sudden appearance, his intimacy with Lady Dorothy would have progressed further. Moreover, he had no idea when they would be able to get close again after today.

“Instead of butting your head into other people’s business, why don’t you find ways to resolve your weird figure?” Alex playfully looked at her chest. “If they get any bigger, your life will be in danger. Remember not to use your inner Chi, otherwise… boom!”

Alex made a gesture to show something exploding with his hands before turning around and leaving.

Michelle wished she could bite his head off…

She was super furious!

At the same time, she was also a little worried.

At only twenty-two years of age, Michelle was in the prime of her youth. Who would want to die at such a young age? She hadn’t even had the chance to live a good life. In fact, she had never even been in love before. Wouldn’t it be extremely sad for her to leave this world so soon?

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