The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 133


Alex was taken aback. He didn’t expect Lavender to know this BMW guy.

‘Cedar? Sounds like they’re siblings.’

Cedar started panicking. “Sis, uhm, well, I… my car broke down, so I’m using your car for now.” He said as he kept signalling Lavender with his eyes.

He had just got together with Charis after all, he wanted to show off in front of her!

However, Lavender did not pick up any of his signals and said, “Your motorcycle is broken? Then get it fixed! Don’t you know that my car is off-limits for today? Oh, and apologize to Mr. Rockefeller now.”

Charis’ expression darkened. Cedar’s BMW wasn’t his own, he only owned a motorcycle all along.

A motorcycle is nothing compared to Nicholas’ secondhand Volkswagen!

Cedar pointed at Alex and asked, “Why should I apologize to him? He doesn’t deserve it! He’s just a mere slave. I’d rather apologize to a dog!”

Suddenly, a loud slap landed on Cedar’s face. Lavender had slapped him hard and yelled, “You bastard! How dare you speak of Mr. Rockefeller like that? Mr. Rockefeller is a star customer of our bank! He’s a VIP! Apologize now or else!”

‘Star customer?’

Cedar froze.

Charis wasn’t aware of what it meant to be a bank’s star customer. However, Cedar knew that title all too well. A star customer had to have personal savings of over fifty million dollars.

And that was just their personal savings, not net worth.

If he were to offend his sister’s star customer, Lavender would most definitely make his life miserable for a full year. He wouldn’t be able to reap benefits off of her as well.

He immediately apologized to Alex. “I’m sorry, Mr. Rockefeller. It was all my fault, I shouldn’t have insulted you, I shouldn’t have yelled at you. Please forgive my actions.”

He then grabbed Charis by her hair and started slapping her across the face. “It was all because of this b*tch! She was bad-mouthing you—I was misled by her words!”

Charis yelped in pain and pointed towards Nicholas. “Nicholas Hudson! Are you really that useless? Stop him now!”

Nicholas’s eyes were reddened but he seemed ready to lunge at Cedar. However, Alex pressed him down with one hand, immobilizing him.

Alex was speechless.

“Charis Burr, are you really that shameless? You had just insulted Nicholas, calling him worthless. Yet now you’re ordering your ex to beat up your current boyfriend. Are you mental?”

He then waved to Cedar dismissively and said, “You, get lost!”

If he were to slap himself any more, Alex will soon be in the spotlight again.

Lavender kicked Cedar on his leg. “Now thank Mr. Rockefeller and get lost!”

After Cedar had rushed off, Lavender smiled and said, “I’m truly sorry, Mr. Rockefeller. My brother is just so reckless and ended up causing you trouble. I’ll treat you to lunch later as an apology, will that be alright with you?”

“There’s no need for that. You two are different individuals. You should just go back to work, Ms. Davis,” Alex replied dismissively.

Suddenly, Alex’s phone started ringing. It was a call from the pretty saleswoman from the BMW dealership store, Chloe Zea.

Chloe’s soft and sweet voice came from the other side of the phone. “Mr. Rockefeller, your BMW M8 is now fixed. Would you like to pick it up yourself or would you like me to send it over to you?”

Alex stared at Nicholas who seemed distraught. “Please send it over, I’ll send you my location in a bit.”

Chloe promised that the car will be sent over within 15 minutes.

Alex turned to Charis, whose face was swollen from the slapping. “Charis Burr, you don’t deserve Nicholas. You’re just a good for nothing gold digger. He deserves to be with a woman who is much better than you.”

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