The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 134

Charis scoffed. “You’re joking, right? Him? Any random stranger on the streets would be a better option than he ever will be!”

She then kicked the Volkswagen which was parked at the side. It was Nicholas’s car.

“Look at this, who the f*ck still drives a car like this? Only poor f*cks like him would!”

Alex nodded. “You’re right, Nicholas deserves a much better car than this, it’s just way out of his league. That’s why a brand new BMW M8 is on its way. Now that’s what Nicholas truly deserves.”

“He deserves a BMW M8? What a joke!”

Fifteen minutes later, Chloe drove the car over to Alex’s location.

Charis’s eyes widened upon seeing the BMW M8.

Alex handed Nicholas the keys and said, “This car is now yours.”

Nicholas was close to descending into a mental breakdown at the time. However, he was shocked as he received the keys. “Alex, you’re joking right? For me? Why would someone like me deserve to own a luxurious car like this?”

“You can as long as I say so. Now take it or I’ll smash the car.”

A corner of Chloe’s mouth twitched slightly as she stared at Alex nervously. ‘This madman would definitely do such wild actions.’

Nicholas was still in a daze as Alex continued, “Come on, aren’t you ashamed of kneeling before a gold digger like Charis, and in public too? I’m ashamed for you, you know? There’re so many better girls out there, can’t you see? Look, like this beauty here, Chloe Zea is so much better than her.”

Chloe rubbed her face gently, a little embarrassed by the sudden compliment.

“Okay, so it’s settled. This car is yours now. Besides, I’m not giving it to you for free. I’ve been trying to start a new company lately. If you help me out, this car will be a gift.”

After that, Alex invited Chloe and Nicholas for lunch, leaving Charis stunned on the streets. She started regretting her choices, wishing she could change the past.

Nicholas still wasn’t able to move on from Charis. However, with Alex’s harsh scolding and Chloe’s advice, he was able to let go of her.

“Alex, are you really going to start a company? What company?” Nicholas remembered and asked.

“When have I ever lied?” Alex glared—the lies that he had told his wife did not count. “I mean, it’s not really my company. My mom is the one who wants to start one up. It’ll be in Michigan. Are you interested?”

“I… I’ll consider.”

“Consider my *ss!” Alex said as he smacked Nicholas on the back of his head. “Look at you, all you do is play games at home now! Most you do is collect rent from your tenants. You’re going to end up looking like a pig if this continues! Do you really want to just collect rent for the rest of your life? It’s already settled. Don’t worry, I won’t treat you poorly. I’ll give you a share of our stocks too. If you don’t agree to this, I’ll go to your sister.”

“Oh f*ck. You—you’re ruthless!”

His brother-in-law had to eat grass from Alex’s garden the last time they met. If Nicholas were to refuse this offer, his sister, Merida, would surely force him to eat the grass that Sean had puked out.

Chloe batted her big doe-like eyes and asked, “Your company must be pretty big, Mr. Rockefeller. I wonder if I have a chance to work for you?”

Alex smiled. “It’s not really all that big. The initial investment funds only around fifty million, but it would definitely be able to grow in the future. If you really are interested, Ms. Zea, I’ll welcome you with open arms. I promise to give you a salary of over thirty thousand dollars. As for the details, my mom will brief you.”

Chloe replied, “Alright, then! I accept your offer. By the way, my home is in Michigan too!”

After lunch, Alex brought the two back to Maple Villa.

Chloe was shocked to see such a gigantic villa.

However, Alex noticed Maya as soon as he entered the house.


“Why… are you here?”

Brittany was holding onto Maya by her arm, smiling brightly. “I asked Maya to come by. What? Are you against it?”

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