The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 142

The leader approached them and stared at Ryan.

Ryan, on the other hand, had already prepared his worker tag for identification. The leader of the group yelled, “So who was the one with the balls to break our fellow manager’s leg? Own up to it now and I’ll just break one of yours. If not, you’ll have to bear further consequences.”

Chloe couldn’t hold in her anger anymore. She pointed at Waltz. “It was her, that b*tch of a prostitute! She broke my husband’s leg and knocked my teeth out! Beat her up now! Lock her up in a cage! Humiliate her in public! Just do something!”

The group of men looked towards Waltz and were stunned.


“It was me,” Waltz said dismissively without even lifting her gaze.

The leader was sweating cold bullets.

Ryan may not recognize Waltz. But, the leader was one of the members in the underground association. How could he not recognize her?

‘This was truly a big mistake on Ryan’s end due to his unfamiliarity with Waltz… No, his wife called Princess Fleur a prostitute, that’s just a death wish!’

Chloe yelled, “What are you waiting for? Get moving!”

The man then slapped hard across Chloe’s face.

This time, Chloe couldn’t even open her left eye and spat out more teeth.

“Ahhhh! Why did you slap me! You should’ve slapped that b*tch!”

Another two slaps landed on Chloe’s face.

Chloe fell to the ground, she couldn’t even speak due to the immense pain around her mouth.

Ryan was shocked. “What are you guys doing? I called you here to teach that b*tch a lesson. Why did you slap my wife?”

Exactly, why is that?

Everyone fell speechless. This looked like something out of a drama scene.

The leader replied, “That’s because you’re ignorant.”

He then stomped on Ryan’s other leg, breaking it as well.

“As the sales manager of Thousand Miles Corp, how dare you not recognize Princess Fleur? How are you even the manager?”

“Ah…” Ryan cried in pain.

“I really don’t know her. I don’t go to nightclubs often. I… Ah, Princess Fleur, Ms.… Fleur?”

Realization finally hit Ryan in the head.

Princess Fleur, this woman is the almighty Waltz Fleur. She was in a position that he could never reach, no matter what he did.

Immediately, all Ryan could feel was helplessness and despair. Due to the immense pain in his legs, he blacked out and fell unconscious.

Everyone was silent, as if they could hear a pin drop in the store.

No one expected this gorgeous woman in a red dress would be one of the Three Great Chieftains of California’s underworld, the almighty Princess Fleur. They had really thought that she was just some prostitute from a nightclub.

This was too big of a mistake.

Especially the men who had joked about using her services just a while ago. All of their faces were pale white, trembling with fear.

Chloe finally realized who this woman was.

At this moment, fear, regret, confusion and shock were all boiling up inside her.

“Alex, so you managed to hook up with Waltz Fleur from Thousand Miles Conglomerate. Well aren’t you just the greatest?”

“Princess Fleur, how would you like us to deal with these two?” The leader asked.

“Throw them out. Oh, by the way, this woman seems to be quite interested in working in a nightclub. Let’s grant her wish!”

“Yes, Ms. Fleur.”

Trembling, Chloe fell into the depths of despair as well.

With this, everything was settled. The men from Thousand Miles Conglomerate left as soon as they’re done.

However, the crowd was now staring at Waltz with fear and respect.

Alex had only taken a few glances at them this whole while. He was mainly focused on a few rocks that were lying by the side.

He was able to sense a slight hint of Chi coming from them.

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