The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 146

Due to Waltz’s competitiveness and sudden improvement in fighting, she had wanted to teach this loathsome piece of sh*t a lesson. Thus, she didn’t hold back when she slapped him.

“Heh, you’ve lost to me before, Fleur. Did you forget? Does your arm no longer hurt?”

Back then, he had dislocated Waltz’s arm.

Upon hearing the exchange in provocation, the crowd dispersed immediately.

However, the big fight didn’t happen as expected.

Dickinson flung his leg towards Waltz, yet she was able to grab him by the ankle and threw him to the ground. Dickinson’s arm smashed against one of the ores. With a loud crunch, his arm was fractured.

“Holy sh*t! You, you’re advanced now!”

Waltz appeared proud, a smug look was plastered on her face. “Hey Dicky, remember to avoid me if you can. Oh, by the way, suck it up, loser.”

She picked up a small stone and shoved it into Dickinson’s mouth. The sharp ends cut the insides of his mouth, causing it to bleed profusely.

The color drained from Kayden’s face, his jaw trembled slightly.

He finally realized that the woman next to Alex was Princess Fleur of Thousand Miles Conglomerate. To think he wanted to hire someone to rob them clean. He couldn’t help but sweat cold bullets.

Half an hour later, the two smaller ores that Alex bought were cut open as well.

Everyone couldn’t help but gasp and cry with envy.

“This can’t be possible, there’s just no way!”

“How could this be?”

“All three of them, all three of them had emeralds in them, oh my god!”

Lots of people had posted the pictures onto their social media pages as well.

“Let’s go!” Alex turned to Waltz.

The two brought the priceless emeralds with them as they stopped by Tobias’ store to get the alchemy stove and headed back to Maple Villa.

It was a relief that the stove wasn’t too big and they weren’t driving Waltz’s Lanborghini. Otherwise, they’d have to have another car sent over.

“Brother!” Waltz said in a sweet voice, her eyes were glistening.

“What’s up?”

“How are you so amazing? You’re a fighter, a medic, an alchemist and you know how to gamble on stones too! Oh, what do I do? I’m falling in love with you!”

Alex flicked her cheeks. “Get lost.”

“Ow!” Waltz cocked her head as she covered her cheek with one hand. “You’re just so great, Brother. But look at your little sister, I’m just so weak! I would be an embarrassment to you with such weakness, wouldn’t I? So Brother, can you do me a favor and improve my fighting skills again? I don’t need you to help me improve drastically, I’d just like to rank up to the Mystic rank.”

‘Ah f*ck, so that’s the catch.’

Alex said crossly, “Do you think this is a game? You think you could just rank up as if you’re buying in-game VIP purchases? There aren’t many shortcuts in the martial arts. If we were to force growth upon your skills, you’d be limited from further growth in the future. Don’t worry, as soon as the chakra pills are done, I’ll help you out once more. As for ranking up, that’ll depend on how talented you are.”


“Oh, and don’t tell anyone about the stone gambling incident. The emeralds are useful to me.”

When he returned home, Alex realized that Azure and the others who were secretly protecting the house had left.

With the stove and the materials, they attempted to make the chakra pills. However, the stove required some maintenance, it was missing a leg after all. Alex was excited to look more into the energy flowing in the stove as well.

However, just as he was about to start his research, Dorothy gave him a call.

“Alex, can you come by my place?” Dorothy sounded gloomy.

“What’s wrong?”

“My mom went stone gambling at the Antique Street and lost 500 thousand dollars. She’s in debt now because of this. The lenders have come to our house demanding their money back. Do… you have enough money?”

“Ah.” Alex replied understandingly.

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