The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 148

Claire jumped up from her seat, her eyes lit up. “What? This car costs two million? Where did you get all that money from?”

Alex paid no attention to her.

All he wanted to do was resolve the issue and head home immediately. He wanted to keep researching on the alchemy stove. “Show me the IOU and give me your bank account number. I’ll pay you back for the amount she owes.”

Lucia stared back at him in disbelief. “Do you even have the money? Everyone knows that you begged and grovelled for 100 thousand dollars. Don’t make such a bluff if you can’t bear the consequences!”

Alex glared coldly at Lucia, as if he was looking right into her soul. She trembled, a chill went down her spine.

“Lucia, my mother-in-law may not be the brightest bulb, but don’t you dare try to scam her. If I were to find out that you two were working together to scam both her and her money, you’re dead meat. No one would save your sorry *sses.” Alex said in a cold tone.

Claire stomped her feet. “Who are you calling dumb?”

Alex ignored her yells once again.

“You brat, how dare you threaten us?” Lucia’s husband, who was standing next to her, raised his hand to slap Alex.

Alex slapped his hand away and grabbed him by the neck. He then lifted his whole body up, as if he was as light as a feather.

“Remember these words. No one can take advantage of my family!”

After releasing his grip, the man choked on his breath, his eyes were filled with terror.

With a light beep, the transaction was complete.

Alex had transferred 500 thousand to Brandon and destroyed the IOU.

And so the Whitneys rushed off after receiving the money.

Alex pulled Dorothy to the side and asked, “Dorothy, do you not have any money?”

Dorothy replied, “My company had just signed a few contracts recently. We didn’t have enough money to get a new batch of materials, so I used my money first and don’t have much on me now. But don’t worry, I’ll pay you back as soon as we make money from the contracts.”

Alex shook his head. “You don’t have to pay me back, my money is yours too. Here, I have ten million, you can spend it however you like.”

Dorothy was shocked, yet she seemed to have remembered something. “Wasn’t this a gift from Mr. Carter? No, we can’t use this. We might not have much money now, but we’ll earn more as we go. We have to return this money to them, or else we’ll always be of a lower class than them.”

“Ah…” Alex had almost forgotten about the bank card that Charles gave him. He didn’t even check how much was in the card.

However, Alex couldn’t find a better way to explain the money he had on him as of now.

Since Dorothy insisted on not taking it, he gave up trying to persuade her.

After the Whitneys left, Dorothy scolded Claire. “Mom, what were you thinking? Do you even know anything about stone gambling? How could you just blindly follow others like that? Well, look how that turned out, we don’t have much money left now.”

Claire sat on the sofa nonchalantly and replied, “It’s just 500 thousand. You’re the CEO of a big company. The whole company is yours and your profit would most likely be more than millions or so. I’m your mom, how could you be so stingy with me? I thought I raised you to be better than that.”

Dorothy wanted to slam her own head against a wall.

Claire then started scolding Alex again. “And you! You’re driving a luxurious car that’s worth two million, and you’re able to just give 500 thousand out like that! How much personal savings do you actually have? Hand it all over now, Dorothy must have given you that money.”

Dorothy retorted. “I never gave him any money, it’s his own savings.”

“He’s my son-in-law, his money is mine too.”

Dorothy fell speechless and changed the topic. “No, back to stone gambling. Just don’t ever go stone gambling again! You don’t know anything about gambling, do you? Sure, you might be able to hit the jackpot, but you’d lose everything with just one bet too!”

Claire replied, “It’s all just based on luck. Someone was able to get rare emeralds just today! Like, god damn, that person was insane! He bought three ores with just 500 thousand dollars and all of the ores had rare emeralds inside, they’re all priceless! I heard the market price for them would easily be over 500 million. Everyone is calling him the Stone Gambling Prince now. Do you know how amazing it would be to have him as my son-in-law? Too bad I didn’t bump into him.”

Alex rubbed his nose gently. ‘Phew, that was close. Thank god, you didn’t bump into me. That would’ve been quite a mess.’

Suddenly, Beatrice screamed excitedly. “Oh my god, Mom is telling the truth! There really is a Stone Gambling Prince! Everyone in my class group chat is going nuts about him. There’s a video of him too. Look, Sis.”

‘What the f*ck?’

Alex felt extremely uneasy.

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