The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 151

Alex grabbed the stove and pulled his head out of it.

He then rushed to the table excitedly and started scribbling on a notebook. He had used up seven notebooks for the past two days. All of them were filled with weird symbols that Waltz did not recognize.

“I love nerds. Brother, you look so cool when you’re focused on work!”

Waltz sat on the table and shoved a spoonful of ice cream into Alex’s mouth. Alex was still focused on writing, hence he completely ignored her. After noting down all the sigils that he had figured out, he put down the pen and let out a sigh of relief, as if a boulder had been lifted off his chest.

Suddenly, he felt extremely thirsty. A spoonful of ice cream wasn’t enough for him, hence he snatched the whole bucket of ice cream and gobbled it all up.

“Brother, I couldn’t finish the ice cream in the bucket, so I actually spat the rest out back into it.”

Alex froze.

He immediately spat out the mint ice cream onto Waltz’s face.

Half an hour later, Alex started repairing the shabby alchemy stove.

Alex was only able to grasp a brief understanding of the ancient sigil as it was quite advanced. He figured out that this sigil was to help engage the Chi from natural elements in alchemy.

They were lucky that only a small part of the sigil was damaged. According to the knowledge he acquired from the Ultimate Book of Medicine, he was able to use reverse identification and reasoning from his vast knowledge to restore the ancient sigil.

Restoring the sigil used up some of his Chi as well. It took him three hours to be able to restore the whole thing.

As soon as the sigil within the stove was restored, the energy flowing within it grew immensely.

“Well, that was tiring. I’ll have to rest a little.” Alex put the stove aside and left the basement.

Just then, he heard light laughter coming from the indoor swimming pool on the first floor. Following the noise, he couldn’t look away from what met his eyes. Three gorgeous women were hanging out in the pool, wearing different swimsuits.

These three gorgeous women were Waltz, Maya and Brittany.

The first two women were extremely charming, there was no doubt about that.

Even Brittany, who was middle-aged, looked amazing in a swimsuit. She took good care of her figure and beauty, she usually practiced yoga at home too.

“Hey, Alex, want to join us?” Maya asked.

“Yeah, you’ve been cooped up in the basement for two days, you must smell bad. Come in here to wash up.” Waltz waved to Alex. She was wearing a black bikini.

When Waltz came out of the water, Alex felt as if there was a spotlight shining on her.

Alex felt exhilarated.

If he were to swim in the pool with such eye candy, Alex just knew that he’d feel refreshed and energized.

Brittany turned to look at Maya and Waltz, and she couldn’t help but sigh.

These two girls were both equally amazing, yet Alex was married. But this man was secretly hanging out with Waltz too. She didn’t know what to do with her son.

And just like any other mother, she wanted a grandchild. But Dorothy…

Even if Brittany was blind, she could sense that her son and Dorothy were facing problems in their relationship.

‘What kind of wife wouldn’t want to spend more time with her own husband?’

Dorothy had not even come by once since that time they had a meal together. When Brittany was still in a vegatative state, Claire didn’t come by to visit her as well. All of these indicated that the Assexes were not on good terms with them.

Brittany would rather Alex have an affair with Maya or Waltz… She didn’t intend to stop her son at all. She’d rather her son just choose one of them and produce a grandchild. That way, it would be too late for Dorothy to stop anything.

“Alright, I’ll go get changed.” Alex smiled.

Just then, Alex received a call. It was from Cheryl.

“Alex, are you free tonight?” Cheryl asked from the other end of the line.

“Yeah, what’s up?”

“Today’s my grandma’s birthday. Well, uhm, my grandpa wants to have you over for a meal.” Cheryl could feel her cheeks burning up.

Alex froze. He remembered that James had mentioned that when he was at the Yowells’.

He had thought Cheryl only invited him out of spite, just to mess with Dorothy. He really didn’t expect her to mean it.

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