The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 154

Patrick approached Alex and dragged him closer. “Hey brat, I don’t care who you are. Cherry is definitely going to be my granddaughter-in-law. Tell me, how much money is enough to make you leave her?”

‘Pretty intimidating and ruthless, huh?’

Alex furrowed his eyebrows, he was about to snap.

Grandma yelled. “Stop it this instance, Patrick! My granddaughter hasn’t married yet, but their wedding is near. We’ve already agreed on giving him her hand in marriage long ago. What? Do you really want to become a homewrecker?”

Patrick was furious. “Bullsh*t! Cherry is my granddaughter-in-law, her father gave us her hand in marriage back then. Are you trying to go back on your word? Do you need me to bring your son over to make things clear? Besides, Coney, don’t you dare forget who saved you from drowning back then. Are you that ungrateful? And you call yourself a miracle doctor?”

Patrick seemed to have stunned everyone with his words.

Alex noticed that Cheryl’s eyes were filled with hatred when Patrick mentioned her father.

‘Ah, it would seem that this is an unresolved trauma in this family.’

James fell silent upon hearing Patrick’s words.

Grandma was so angry that she couldn’t speak as well.

Cheryl’s tone was cold. “I’m the one who decides who I marry, I don’t care what that man promised you.”

Zachary said, “Cherry, we’re childhood friends, you know? I’ve missed you so much for the past few years. Besides, we really are engaged, you can’t just go back on your word like that. You know what? How about I compete against this guy? What does he work as?”


James’ eyes lit up. “Alright, then so be it. You guys can compete against each other. Alex is a doctor as well, you can compete on medical expertise.”

James was very confident about Alex’s medical skills, even more so than his own.

Moreover, if Alex were to defeat Zachary and have him give up on his own, then there wouldn’t be any more problems from now on. They’d be able to live a peaceful life. This was just great!

Zachary huffed at Alex. “You’re a doctor too? Then tell me, which prestigious medical school did you graduate from?”

Alex folded his arms behind his back. “I never studied in a medical school.”

Zachary asked again, “Oh? So that means you were a disciple. Then who was the famous doctor that taught you?”

Alex replied, “I never had a teacher too.”

Zachary’s expression became more smug. “You’ve never graduated from a medical school, or learned from a famous doctor. Then, how are you a doctor? Are you just a bluff? Don’t tell me, you don’t have a doctor’s license?”

Alex nodded. “You’re right, I don’t.”

Both Patrick and Zachary started laughing out loud.

James and Cheryl seemed upset too. They had originally asked Alex to help them kick these two out, yet he lost before the competition even started. How would he be able to fight them off now?

Cheryl glared at Alex, extremely frustrated.

She thought, ‘You could have helped me if you just made up some sort of lie! Do you really want to cut ties with me that much?’

As the laughing continued on, Alex spoke up once again. “I’ve never been to a medical school, because none of these universities deserve to have me as one of their students. I have no teacher, because no doctor deserves to have me as their apprentice. As for the doctor’s license, is that thing really all that important? Can you really become a famous doctor as soon as you get the license?”

Zachary cackled harder. “That’s the biggest bluff I’ve ever heard! Really now? No university in the world deserves to have you as one of their students? You probably can’t even get in. Do you really think it’s that easy to get enrolled?

“I’ll tell you what, I’ve been learning medicine since I was three. I memorized the prescription verse at the age of four. I even memorized the whole Compendium of Materia Medica at the age of eight too! I’m one of the best graduates from Worthington Medical University and also one of the best Master’s students in Mediziner University. All my theses earned me multiple awards. Just look at you, you’re dirt compared to me. You don’t even have anything to go up against me.”

Alex took a glance at him and said, “Really now? If you’re so great, then why can’t you cure your wet-dream problem?”

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