The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 156

However, the defeated opponent was not Alex Rockefeller.

Cheryl looked at Alex with emotions pouring out of her eyes.

However, Alex’s attention was on Patrick instead. “What do you think?”

Patrick chuckled. “I go with whatever Zachary says. It’s all on you, little genius doctor.”

Only then did Alex nod.

Zachary’s ailment was nothing but a piece of cake for him.


An hour later at a neighbourhood park.

“Your marriage arrangement is now annulled. You are free now, so you do not have to look for a man to pretend to be your boyfriend anymore.” Alex smiled at Cheryl, who had her hand wrapped around his arm.

What Alex meant was a not-so-subtle hint for Cheryl to leave him alone.

Yet, Cheryl seemed oblivious. “I do not care for the marriage arrangement anyway, it can’t constrain me. Whatever that man said has got nothing to do with me.”

“That man… Your father?”

“You can say so.”

Alex did not say anything else as he knew that it must be a trauma that she did not want to mention.

“Would you like to hear my story?” She looked up into the night sky.

Looking at her little sorrowful expression, Alex said, “If you are okay with sharing. I think I am a good listener.”

“It all began with my mother…”

It was not a complicated story, but one would say it was a cliché. It was a story about a romantic tragedy between a wonderful lady and an awful man. Cheryl’s mother, who hailed from the countryside, was a sweet-faced, prim and proper lady.

One day, she went to James Coney for a doctor’s visit and got to know Cheryl’s father. The relationship progressed from there, and eventually they got married. It was a happy life at first but it all changed after the man met a woman named Kiki.

That man cheated on her mother.

That woman was unscrupulous. She introduced him to drugs and led him astray. Eventually, he started beating his wife, his daughter, and even his parents. Cheryl’s mother was severely injured after one such beating, when he was drugged, and passed away after a year of suffering.

As for the man, he fled the country and was never heard again.

As Alex listened to Cheryl’s words, she recounted the story like it was someone else’s, but she could not hold the sorrowful emotion and the tears began streaming down her face. So, Alex patted her on the shoulder to comfort her.

Instead, Cheryl rested her head on his shoulder.

A heavy stillness hung in the air, punctured by the occasional crickets’ chirps. It was quiet all of a sudden, but silence spoke louder than words.

Alex broke the silence after a while. “You will be happy.”

“That is why I am very hesitant in having a partner or getting married. What if he treats me like how my father treated my mother?” said Cheryl.

Alex replied, “You will be fine. After all, those people are of the minority.”

“Then, will you hit me in the future?” asked Cheryl.

Wait a minute.

What did she just mean? Alex was a married man!

Dorothy called right at the moment.

“Alex, it has been a while since we watched a movie together at midnight. Would you like to go tonight?” asked Dorothy.

She decided to go to the hotel right after the movies.

“Of course!” Alex’s eyes lit up.

Suddenly, Cheryl gave him a peck on the cheeks and whispered to the phone, “I am leaving now, don’t miss me!”

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