The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 158

“I’ll be back by afternoon, and I’ll bring a watermelon for you later. Be a good boy at home!”

Only now did Alex know that Waltz had a legitimate profession. Apparently, she was the head businesswoman of all maritime businesses in California.

As the clock struck nine, Alex went down to the basement and attempted his pill concoction.

Why would he need a cauldron for pill concoction?

This was because pill concoction was different from medicinal cooking, in which the herbs just had to be thrown into a cooking pot in order to be cooked. After all, it was just medicine, so its effects were incomparable with concocted pills. Since each portion of medicinal herb had different properties, the purpose of pill concoction was to eliminate all the useless portions of the herbs, leaving only the essential portions. Then, the essential portions would be supplemented with Chi, or even the essence of heaven and earth, to be condensed into one single pill.

Therefore, regular cooking pots could not be used for pill concoction as they would shatter the moment Chi was exerted into the pill.

Three hours later, Alex finally completed his first batch of chakra pills.

The first two attempts had failed.

Fortunately, Waltz had gathered sufficient medicinal herbs. Alex also made sure to be prudent with his usage of the ingredients since it was his first attempt at pill concoction.

He continued with another few attempts after that.

As his success rate increased with more attempts, subsequently he managed to complete seven more batches of chakra pills in the two hours.

A total of eight chakra pills were concocted, including the first batch.

It was worth noting that the alchemy circle inside the cauldron, which shimmered during the pill concoction, had greatly helped to stabilize the process.

Alex took one himself and found it to be working just as he expected.

After that, he went to Brittany, and with some persuading and convincing, she finally agreed to take up Silver Frost.

“This is a martial art to improve your blood circulation. It is quite similar to yoga, which you used to practice, but brings in greater benefits. The more you practice it, the healthier you get and the younger you look!” Alex meant well. “Your body is still frail after just waking up from a long coma, so it’s necessary to pick it up.”

“All right, I will do whatever you say, Son!”

“First, swallow this pill. Let me help you.”

An hour later, Brittany was propelled from a regular lady into a Beginner-Royal ranked fighter. With consistent training, her body defense could only get stronger.

“That was a good workout, but I feel much more energetic now! Let me take a shower first, I will prepare braised pork later, it’s both you and your father’s favorite…”

Brittany’s voice halted all of a sudden, after all, she had yet to get used to life without her husband.

Seeing his mother’s wistful silhouette entering the bathroom, a dash of sparkles flickered in Alex’s eyes as he thought, “John Rockefeller, have you made your decision?”

At this moment, Waltz made a call to him.

“Senior, I found the culprit responsible for Anthony Pattingson’s murder,” she said.

“Oh? Who was it?”

Waltz said, “An inmate from the same cell. Based on the intel from my guys, this person was imprisoned for negligent homicide and killed Anthony during a violent altercation. I suspect he most probably acted on orders given his history as an underling for underworld gangs.

“Senior, rest assured. I will track him down and force him to tell the truth,” promised Waltz.

“Thank you.”

“Well then, do I get a reward?” Waltz asked.

“The chakra pill is ready,” said Alex.

“Really? Wonderful! I will be back soon!” Waltz said as she was thrilled. After a moment of pause, she thought about something. “Before I forget, I also found intel on your father’s former secretary, Pepper Kimmich.”

“What about her?” Alex asked.

Waltz said, “She is a mysterious character. We checked her files but most of the information in them is fake. According to reports, her supposed birthplace recorded no such person. Also, she was noted to have made frequent trips to Japan.”

Indeed, it was very suspicious.

“Oh, she will be attending an auction of precious medicinal herbs tonight.”

A call came in right after Waltz ended hers.

It was Michelle Yowell, the little devil from the Yowell family.

“Hey, Alex. Come with me to an auction of medicinal herbs tonight.”

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