The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 159

Why would Michelle want Alex to accompany her to an auction of medicinal herbs?

That was because during the period of time, the Yowell family had been mobilizing their people to gather the medicinal herbs requested by Alex. Yet, a few precious herbs slipped through their grasp.

She heard that a good number of century-old medicinal herbs would be auctioned in this particular auction, so she had to check it out.

As for the herbs’ efficacy, only Alex knew best.

Alex was thrilled. Just moments ago, he was told by Waltz that Pepper Kimmich would be attending the auction of medicinal herbs, and now Michelle came to invite him to it. Everything just happened according to his wish.

That being said…

“Are you the only one left? Why did the Yowell family send you, a little girl, instead?” replied Alex indifferently.

“Little girl? I am not little!”

“Um, indeed you aren’t.”

Alex had to concur with her. There was a reason that she was known to have a youthful face with huge busts. If a mature belle like Cheryl was to stand beside Michelle, obvious physical differences in some areas would be observed at first glance.

“Where are you now? Do you want me to give you a ride?” Michelle urged as it was her grandfather’s order, so she dared not disobey him.

It was Keith’s intention for Michelle to have more interactions with Alex. Even if she had a marriage arrangement and could not have a relationship with another man, he would not mind their intimate relationship as long as Alex could treat her heart problems.

However, Alex did not want Michelle to come to Maple Villa, in fact, he wanted nothing to do with her.

Alex immediately said, “Text me the address, I will see you there.”

Michelle snorted secretly as she thought, “Dumbass, you really thought that I’d like to fetch you? It’s even better if I don’t have to do so.” So, she immediately texted the address to Alex and said, “You need an invitation to attend the auction, but my name works better than it. Just mention my name, you will be through in no time. I will be waiting inside then.”


Soon after, Waltz returned, and she really had a large watermelon in her arms.

After putting down the watermelon, she hurriedly rushed to Alex and said, “Can you let me swallow your pills?”

At this moment, Brittany, who just was right there, heard it but she seemed to have got the wrong idea, thinking that Waltz wanted to swallow the ones on Alex’s…

Alex rolled his eyes and said, “What’s the hurry? I’d like to devour your huge melons first.”

Shocked, Brittany subconsciously moved her gaze to Waltz’s chest as she thought, “Who knew that my son prefers this type.”

She felt awkward. “Ahem, well, uh, I will be in my room. You both… just assume I am not here at all!”

Looking at Brittany who had a blushed face as she fled the scene, Waltz was surprised but immediately came to her senses. “Oh no, Madame must have thought you were talking dirty!”

“Get lost, you were to one who did it, not me.”

“Why don’t we just get into it?”

In the end, Alex let Waltz consume a chakra pill and at the same time assisted her in strengthening her cultivation base. The entire process took a full quarter of an hour.

Alex retracted his palm. “How do you feel?”

Waltz felt an intense stir in her body, so she smashed a hole barefist through a solid marble rock in front of Alex. There were cracks all over the rock.

“A… Amazing!”

Even she felt it was unbelievable, as she could never do it before.

“Are you at Mystic rank now?” Alex asked.

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