The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 160

“So close, yet so far. I am almost there, though.” She started jumping around like an energetic maniac, running toward Alex and kissed him suddenly.

Brittany was initially in her room on the second floor but came out after hearing Waltz’s voices. She just saw the scene unfolding in front of her eyes as she looked down from the helical staircase.

Gently shaking her head, she retreated into her room.

Alex headed to the auction of precious medicinal herbs by himself at half-past five. The auction was held in the form of a cocktail party on the highest floor of California’s Splendor Center.

He entered the auction hall without any hiccups after mentioning Michelle’s name at the entrance.

At this moment at the entrance of Splendor Center, a group of young men and women were chatting among themselves as they entered the building. Among them was a young lady in a white dress, she was Alex’s sister-in-law — Beatrice Assex.

The other three were the ones that Alex saw back at the car dealership days ago: Mona Weiss, Wilson Jordan, and Sam Culver. The four of them were a little coterie.

Dressed smartly in a suit, Wilson took a few glances affectionately at Beatrice as he bragged, “The auction of precious medicinal herbs this time is the most prestigious auction in South California. I heard that the items that will be put up for auction tonight are tonics, which are worth at least a million dollars, and many century-old medicinal herbs that can hardly be found in the market.”

“Why?” Mona asked as she flitted her fake lashes while looking at Wilson.

The look of adoration and secret admiration in her eyes were unable to be concealed.

However, Wilson liked Beatrice instead.

Seeing Beatrice’s curious expression, Wilson continued, “It’s because medicinal herbs like the century-old ginseng and Ganoderma are extremely rare items. Over the years, humans have been excavating them, so they are nearly extinct. Even if they are discovered occasionally, they will be seized by the rich and powerful people, and they will not be sold in the market at all. Therefore, don’t ever trust those so-called century-old ginseng sold in pharmacies, they are nothing but fakes.”

Mona looked at Wilson adoringly. “Wilson, you are so knowledgeable.”

Wilson smiled humbly and looked at Beatrice, he found that she did not seem to pay much attention to their conversation.

“Okay then, let’s go in. There is a buffet inside and it serves Australian lobsters!” said Wilson. “Don’t you like Australian lobsters, Beatrice? That’s why I got myself a few more entrance tickets to the auction from my uncle. These are not something that ordinary people can get a hand on.”

Beatrice’s eyes lit up at the mention of lobsters. “Thank you!”

Sam asked, “Wilson, what does your uncle do?”

“He is the manager of Splendor Center. This auction this time could be said to be mainly arranged by him.”

The four of them entered the building.

After showing the entrance tickets, they entered the auction hall smoothly.

It was a crowded venue, with plenty of people socializing, chatting, eating, and such. Wilson did not forget to remind, “There are a lot of VIPs tonight, please behave yourselves and don’t get into trouble.”

And then, they went straight to the buffet.

Alex was there too, hungrily devouring an Australian lobster.

He was now famished as he was previously occupied with concocting chakra pills and helping both Brittany and Waltz strengthen their cultivation base. Furthermore, the lobsters looked delicious and tantalizing, so he quickly gobbled them up without scruple.

Beatrice, who was holding a dining plate, went straight for the Australian lobsters. However, she was greeted with a miserable sight of a few leftover heads and tails. Next to her was a man brazenly devouring a plate of lobster meat, which was filled to the brim.

“What a glutton!” Beatrice was irritated but she could only remain silent and curse secretly.

After all, she could not afford to offend anyone here because of her identity.

However, as she looked toward the man and he turned his head at the same time, she was dumbfounded in disbelief, with her mouth agape after their gazes met. “What, it’s you? Why are you here?”

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