The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 161

Alex stole a glimpse at Beatrice for a second, then he slowly picked up a piece of Australian lobster meat and put it into his mouth. He continued eating his lobster with a content expression on his face, as if she did not exist.

Beatrice was vexed as she thought, ‘What did he mean? Am I a non-existent dead person?’

Beatrice was red-faced, with her eyes widened. “Rockefeller, you trash! Are you deaf? I am talking to you! Why are you here? How did you get in?”

In her eyes, Alex was still a good-for-nothing trash who could do nothing else but lived off her sister. She just got angry every time she saw him, especially her temper got worse after he dared to hit her recently.

Deigning to even look at her, Alex said indifferently, “What does it have to do with you? Stop bothering me.”


Beatrice was infuriated and quite frankly, appalled at his attitude as she thought, ‘This trash just rides roughshod over others at home, by taking advantage of my sister’s help. Now that we are outside, how can you be so cruel to me?’

At this moment, Beatrice’s friends came over after hearing the commotion.

Mona exclaimed as she recognized Alex, “Beatrice, isn’t this your trashy brother-in-law that you failed to drive away? Why is he here? Did you invite him?”

Beatrice was infuriated. “Nonsense! I would never invite him! Who knows how he got in, perhaps he came in without permission!”

“Oh, I know. You must have not given him food at home, so he must have slipped in after knowing there is free food here. That being said, Beatrice, isn’t your family a little too mean? He is still your brother-in-law, but you don’t even feed him. Isn’t it a bit too much?” Mona laughed.

She saw Beatrice as her love rival, so she would grab any opportunity to deride her in front of Wilson.

Alex did not even bother with these people. He turned his attention toward the next delicacy on the table — king crab.

However, someone stood in his way as he headed for the crabs: it was Wilson Jordan.

Wilson, who wanted to back up Beatrice, blocked Alex as he said, “Only VIPs are invited to the auction. Nobody can enter without an invitation. Where is your invitation? Show it to me!”

“Get lost, don’t come looking for trouble, kid,” Alex glared at him.

“What? Trouble? Humph, a kept man like you is no match for me, Wilson Jordan.” Wilson said condescendingly, “Let me tell you frankly, my uncle is the manager for Splendor Center and is the main organizer for tonight’s auction. If we find out you came in uninvited and finished all of Beatrice’s favorite lobsters, you are done for!”

Alex did not bother to care about his words and casually shoved him away. Wilson made two turns and almost crashed into a nearby guest.

Wilson was furious. “You trash! How dare you touch me?! You are dead meat now!”

Wilson quickly dialed his uncle’s phone number. “Uncle, I caught an uninvited guest here at the buffet section, devouring the food like a lunatic!”

“What? I will be right there!” Wilson’s uncle, Daniel Jordan was outraged after hearing it. After all, this was a prestigious auction and all kinds of big shots were invited. If anything went wrong, he would be held responsible.

Therefore, he quickly rushed over to the buffet section, followed by three security guards.

Meanwhile, Beatrice slightly frowned.

That was because once Alex was caught sneaking into the auction hall for free food, his identity would be exposed. When the time came, everyone else would know that the bastard was her brother-in-law, leaving her in great humiliation.

So, she walked toward Alex. “Rockefeller, you better leave now before Wilson’s uncle arrives with security guards!”

“Why should I leave?” Alex smiled faintly.

Beatrice stomped her feet angrily. “How can you be so shameless?! When you are booted out later, not only will you embarrass yourself, but also my sister and me!”

“Relax, I will be okay.”

“You… Fine. What a shame.”

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