The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 162

Beatrice decided that she should stay away from the trouble.

Daniel arrived not long after.

“Wilson, where is the uninvited guest you mentioned?”

“Right there, it’s him.” Wilson pointed at Alex.

Daniel looked toward the direction Wilson was pointing. His eyes turned cold as he saw Alex, who was wearing cheap casual clothes, devouring a large king crab.

“Sir, I am the venue manager for tonight’s auction, Daniel Jordan. Please show your invitation.”

Alex spat out the crab meat from his mouth. After pulling out a wet wipe from the side, he said as he slowly wiped his mouth, “The king crab was cooked for too long and lost its texture, it’s not tasty. Also, there are too few Australian lobsters here. Please get another plate of Australian lobsters over. Don’t forget to put on some ginger and vinegar.”

Beatrice, who was five meters away from the scene, could not believe what she just saw as she thought, ‘Does this fella not know that he’s in a dire situation? What does he think this place is? Back garden at home?’

Even Wilson was dumbfounded, as he had never seen someone like this.

Daniel waited for about thirty seconds, only to hear such words from Alex. In that instant, he was at his bursting point but managed to hold it in. With a cool voice, he said, “Sir, you have to understand that if you cannot show us your invitation, I have the right to boot you out and perhaps even get you locked up.”

He spoke a little too loud and attracted the attention of nearby guests. Soon, a crowd formed around them as it was the nature of country folks to enjoy watching bustling scenes.

As the crowd inquired about the details, Wilson retold the story, with some exaggerations.

Instantly, Alex was showered with looks of disgust.

Alex was oblivious and said to Daniel, “There are so many people here. Why don’t you ask for their invitation as well? Why mine specifically? All I can say is this is discriminatory behavior, are you targeting me? Think carefully before you answer, or else you might not be able to bear the consequence.”

As Alex spoke, he shoved the wet wipe, which he just used to clean his lips, into Daniel’s suit pocket.

Such audacity! He was insane!

Then, Beatrice took a few steps back for another three meters and secretly thought, ‘You trash, just drop dead already. If you ever drag down our Assex family, I will never let you off the hook.’

Wilson roared, “Damn, what is wrong with you?”

“Uncle, I can prove that he came in uninvited. He is just a kept man at the Assex family who lives off his wife. He came here for the free food because he was starved at home.”

“Look, my friend over there is from the Assex family. She’s his sister-in-law.”

All eyes were instantly on Beatrice.

She was exasperated as she thought, ‘Dumb Wilson, are you retard? You want to court me with such a low emotional quotient? Just get lost as far as possible.’

Daniel laughed heartily as he said, “Yes, I suspect you came in uninvited, please show me your invitation immediately. Otherwise, the security guards will escort you out of the hall.”

“I don’t have an invitation.” Alex shook his head, with a cold look in his eyes.

“You heard it? He admitted to it himself. Since he doesn’t have an invitation, it means that he sneaked into the auction. How dare he make a ruckus here? Uncle, hurry and take him down!” Wilson laughed loudly.

Daniel motioned to the three security guards, and they were just about to tackle Alex.

“Stop what you are doing!” At this moment, a crisp scream of a girl rang out.

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