The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 163

The crowd’s gaze followed the direction of the voice. It came from a youthful girl with huge busts, who dressed in a purple school dress, approaching them quickly from the entrance.

The lady was Michelle Yowell.

Some, who did not know who she was, laughed from the bottom of their hearts as they thought it was whimsical that a schoolgirl came to back Alex up.

Meanwhile, some chatty ones could not help but speak, “Where did this kid come from? She must be a socially awkward bookworm, for coming here to display her superiority.”

“Everyone present here has a rich background. This girl must have come to put up an ostentatious act by showing off her strength.”

However, the person who spoke had his mouth covered by his companion as he whispered to warn him, “Are you nuts? She is that little devil from the Yowell family. Your family is finished if she sets her sights on you!”


The man shivered and broke out in cold sweat. Earlier, he just said that the girl tried to show off her strength ostentatiously, but in the end, he was the one who tried to put up an ostentatious act!

The man dared not utter another word. Quickly, he retreated, wishing that he could turn invisible right then and there so that no one else could notice him.

On the other hand, Beatrice and her friends were shocked to find Michelle here, with a look of fear appearing on their faces.

“She came here as well,” Beatrice cursed silently as she retreated further.

Of course, she knew Michelle. After all, they were both students of California State University. Beatrice was currently in her sophomore year while Michelle was a junior, but there was a vast difference between their status at the university.

Although Beatrice was considered a campus belle, the Assex family was at best a mid-tier gentry in California. Furthermore, her family was at rock bottom of the Assex family as her family was disliked by Madame Joanne.

Therefore, she was nothing but an ordinary campus belle.

Meanwhile, Michelle was different. She was a campus belle, but her youthful face with huge busts made her topped the campus belle list. Coupled with her background as the heiress of one of the four great families in California, her presence at the university was godlike.

More importantly, she was a hot-tempered character with many subordinates, who could respond en masse to her orders, so nobody in their right mind would think to anger her in any way.

“Michelle Yowell is not only fierce and ruthless in her actions, but she also likes to be meddlesome. Could it be that she is on Alex’s side?” As Beatrice was trying to figure out the whole situation, Daniel suddenly greeted Michelle with smiles on his face and said courteously, “Miss, this man right here does not have an invitation. He sneaked in here for free food and drinks. I am going to escort him out, so that his shenanigans will not disrupt our auction tonight.”

Something dawned on the crowd.

Some exclaimed, “Oh, I remember now. Splendor Center is one of the Yowell family’s ventures.”

Because of that, the crowd looked at Alex with pity and derision in their eyes.

To them, Alex was a finished man.

Beatrice was even horrified and kept cursing Alex in her heart. He really brought his own destruction by offending Michelle. She was afraid that her family might be dragged down because of him. What a bearer of ill luck!

Wilson Jordan laughed. “Oh Rockefeller, you trash. Looks like your cover has been blown, right? How dare you ask my uncle to think carefully before answering your question. Oh great, let me hear more of your nonsense then!”

Daniel waved his hand, “Get him!”

However, as Daniel just finished speaking, Michelle suddenly rushed forward and leaped high before kicking him in the chest and sending him tumbling on the floor. She said coldly, “Are you deaf? I said stop what you are doing, did you not hear me?”


The crowd startled in confusion.

Michelle continued, “Mr. Rockefeller is my esteemed guest, how dare you kick him out? Who are you? What qualification do you have to do so?”

She was livid.

Her grandfather wanted her to treat Alex well. Even though she did not want to, her grandfather’s life and the fate of their family’s martial arts tradition all laid in Alex’s hand.

It was not an understatement to say he controlled the lifeblood of the Yowell family.

Even Michelle had to swallow the dissatisfaction.

How could that bastard Daniel offend Alex again and again? He was going to be dead meat.

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