The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 164

“But, he…”

Before Daniel could utter another word, Michelle, who was fiery-tempered, kicked him again and said, “Get lost, you are fired!”


Daniel was petrified and his face turned as white as a sheet.

It took him years and consistent effort to get to the manager position of Splendor Center, but all it took was a minor misunderstanding to unravel all his hard work.

At this moment, he glared at Wilson with a strong urge to strangle his nephew.

Wilson was shocked. Mona, Sam and the rest of the crowd were astonished as well.

Beatrice could not believe it herself. How did that trash get involved with Michelle and even became her VIP? It was impossible!

‘Could it be that this trash cheated on Sis, and courted Michelle?’

That could be the only plausible explanation.

Daniel was quickly escorted out by the security guards under Michelle’s orders.

She then glanced at Wilson and gave him a hard smack across the face. “Get on your knees and apologize to Mr. Rockefeller.”

Frightened, Wilson dared not utter a word as he faced the famous little devil from the Yowell family.

He immediately dropped onto his knees and said, “I am sorry, Mr. Rockefeller. I must be blind, failing to recognize that you are a VIP as well. I know you are a generous man, please forgive me!”

Alex waved his hand without even deigning to look at Wilson.

Michelle immediately yelled, “Out!”

Wilson dared not stay there, so he quickly left with his tails between his legs but his eyes were full of hatred.

After that, both Mona and Sam also tactfully retreated, as they knew it would be dangerous to remain in the auction hall. They were here in the first place because of Wilson, after all.

Beatrice glanced at Alex with a grim yet discontent expression and then left too.

Only then did Michelle turn toward Alex and asked softly, “Are you okay?”

“Do you think I’ll be perturbed?” He retorted.

Michelle pouted her lips as she did not know what to say. She suddenly got caught up with an urgent matter and arrived late. Never did she expect that Alex would be treated badly. Yet, she wanted to apologize but she found it was extremely difficult to do so.

“The auction will start in a half-hour. Let me bring you to the VIP room on the second floor to take a rest. You can engage in the auction there too,” said Michelle.

“Do you have more Australian lobsters?” Alex pointed at the empty plate, which was used to be filled up with Australian lobsters.

Michelle was taken aback a little. “Yes!”

“I want a dozen.” said Alex.

Both Alex and Michelle headed for the VIP room. On the way, the people backed off as soon as they saw the both of them. After taking a turn in the corridors, Alex saw a lady dressed in a black evening gown.

The lady was Pepper Kimmich.

Next to her was a bald guy.

“Advanced-Royal!” Alex immediately recognized the man’s powers. There was even a serious and calm look on his face.

Afterward, they went upstairs and entered the VIP room.

The VIP room had a window that looked down into the actual auction floor. There was a large television screen as well, which was probably used to live-stream the bidding process on the auction block.

Alex found it delightful.

What was more satisfying was that the hotel staff really brought a dozen of Australian lobsters on his request.

Now, he could enjoy the feast.

However, just as he was about to dive into the crustacean feast, Michelle suddenly clasped her hand on her chest and let out a painful groan before collapsing onto him.

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