The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 165

“Damn, what’s the situation now? Did she bring me here so that she could throw herself at me?”

As Alex put all his attention to the Australian lobsters and did not notice Michelle’s face in agony, he was shocked to find her soft and warm body in his arms at the moment.

More importantly, what should he do with a lady who came throwing herself at him?

‘You are a sneaky fellow, Keith Yowell! Setting me up like this!’

Alex gritted his teeth, and thought maybe he should…

At this moment, Michelle groaned in pain again. While holding her chest, she spat out a mouthful of blood suddenly.


Alex was shocked, as the throw up was almost spat on his face!

“Hey, Michelle! Michelle!”

Only then did Alex realize he was wrong, Michelle did not come onto him. Instead, she collapsed into his arms because of the sudden onset of her injuries, she could not stand firmly.

“Damn, you should have told me earlier! You made me worry for nothing!”

Alex muttered under his breath but kept his hands busy as he immediately took her pulse. With that, he could quickly understand her physical condition. It was probably because she overexerted herself and disrupted her internal energy when she kicked Daniel earlier.

He gently shook his head. He was bereft of speech for a while, but he could not just stand there and do nothing. So, he lifted her up and laid her down on a luxury couch, which was made of genuine leather, and forcefully pushed her clasped hands away from her chest.

“Ah! Rockefeller, what are you trying to do to me? How dare you try taking advantage of me at this time. You’re unscrupulous. I… I will never forgive you!”

“No! I am on my period!”

Alex was dejected. “You crazy girl, what does your period have anything to do with me? You really thought I am going to sleep with you? Keep on dreaming. You are just having wishful thoughts, nobody in their right mind will sleep with you!”

Michelle was vexed and wanted to spit another mouthful of blood. “You dumbass, how dare you say that I am just having wishful thoughts. I am the top-notch campus belle in California State University. You are the blind one. How dare you… ouch!”

Alex realized that he could not waste any moment longer and quickly placed his palms down on Michelle’s chest. With a push, he continuously poured in his restorative essence into her body.

In just less than a half-minute, Michelle, who had intense heart palpitations and asthmatic attacks earlier, felt relieved as she let out a long sigh.

Alex then stopped his first aid and went back to the Australian lobsters.

Michelle just started to feel good but he had stopped the healing and went for Australian lobsters. She was a little upset as she was a stunning beauty, yet she was incomparable with a few Australian lobsters.

“Hey, it felt great, can you do it again?”

“I’m busy,” said Alex.

She was riled up as she thought, ‘You are not free but you have the time to eat lobsters? You obviously don’t want to do it again!’

That being said, at this moment, she finally believed his prowess as a doctor. She realized that she should not provoke him whatsoever, so she could only hold back her anger and sat on the couch while staring at him, who was enjoying the lobsters.

“Hello, this is Michelle Yowell, I would like a dozen Australian lobsters delivered to VIP room No 1.”

“I have had enough, thank you,” said Alex.

“Well, I have not!” Michelle retorted angrily.

Finally, the auction began.

As expected, the screen in the room was used to stream the happenings of the auction. It was even better and clearer than sitting in the auction hall.

“Splendor Center is owned by your family, why do you have to organize an auction? Can’t you just take those useful medicinal herbs that you want?” Alex suddenly asked Michelle.

Michelle replied, “Of course not, we only provide the venue, but we are not the actual organizer. The actual auction is organized by the Southern California Business Association, or more commonly known as the SCBA. The authority is involved in this auction too.”

Alex nodded in understanding.

At this moment, he noticed Pepper Kimmich, who sat right below them, sat next to the bald fighter. They were in intimate contact. The bald fighter even placed his hand on Pepper’s thigh, and chatted with her from time to time.

“Is he Pepper Kimmich’s husband?”

He condensed the essence in his ears to sharpen his hearing, wanting to eavesdrop on their conversation.

However, the soundproof system of the VIP room was very well done. Aside from some random chatter, he could not pick anything up from their conversation at all.

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