The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 167

“They are leaving early!”

Alex’s eyes flashed as stood up and wanted to go after them instinctively.

However, he was pulled back by Michelle. “Where are you going? The auction items will be delivered soon, I want you to check them out with me.”

“Can’t you do it yourself?”

“I am not a connoisseur of medicinal herbs. Plus, those old guys who put up the items for auction this time are sly as a fox. Who knows if they decide to cheat us with a fake imitation. These herbs are needed to save my grandfather, so I have to be extra careful.”

Alex thought for a while and then nodded .

With a Japanese fighter accompanying Pepper, he was unsure if he could capture her easily. Plus, Waltz already had surveillance set up on Pepper, he could always do it in the future.

As it turned out, Michelle worried too much. After all, that was an extravagant hotel owned by the Yowells. Who would dare to cheat Michelle, who bidded those medicinal herbs at high price?

Half an hour later, the two of them left Splendor Center together with their auctioned items.

“Alex, why don’t you give me a ride home?” Michelle requested.

After all, she arrived at Splendor Center from California State University by someone else’s car as her magnificent Rolls-Royce on the other day was totalled. Moreover, there were so many invaluable items, which were worth several hundred million dollars, in her hands now, so she really needed a ride.

“Sure.” Alex agreed as he was not an unreasonable person.

At this moment, Michelle’s attitude toward him had improved and it did not feel uncomfortable to get along with him.

He revved his M8 and headed for Yowell Manor.

However, they did not realize that they were being watched at the entrance of the hotel. Immediately after they left, a black Honda followed right behind them. While maneuvering the steering wheel and tracking them, the man spoke into his headset, “Target acquired. This is Nine, I am now headed for Sunrise Boulevard, going eastward.”

A woman replied, “Do not lose them.”

It was Pepper Kimmich’s voice.

“Miss Kimmich, the target is not alone. Other than Alex Rockefeller, the abandoned son of the Rockefellers, Michelle Yowell, the heiress of the Yowell family is with him too.”

“Hmph, consider her unlucky then, what else can we do? Stick to the plan, get it done clean and neat. I do not want any survivors.”

“Roger that!”

Seated in the M8, Michelle could not but ask Alex, “Is it true that I will not live past this year?”

Alex nodded with a hum.

“I still do not believe it, you must be pulling my leg.” Michelle snorted.

Alex did not answer as he looked into the rearview mirror.

“Hey, I am still feeling a little unwell, can you touch me again?” Michelle suddenly raised her chest and got closer to Alex.

“What?” Alex’s eyes trembled a little as he quickly answered, “Your seduction does not work on me. Do you think I will sleep with you because of that? Just give up, I will not fall into your trap.”

He remembered Keith Yowell mentioning that he wanted Alex to be his grandson-in-law.

The Yowells were powerful, they would never let him go if there was something going on between Michelle and him. Even if he was not afraid of the Yowells, things could get worse with Dorothy. They might even divorce, and he did not want to see such results.

After all, he could not abandon Dorothy, after what she had done for him.

What a sly character Michelle was, for coming onto him with this trick.

“What are you saying? How can a man like you be so selfish?” Michelle was livid.

Alex glared at her. “Get out from my sights! Why are you acting like a slut? We have only met twice, I cannot believe you came up with such an indecent request. I am a proper man and will never fall into your trap.”

“I…” Michelle wanted to kick him in his face badly as she thought that that jerk must have deliberately tried to provoke her.

Suddenly, Alex jerked the steering wheel. In the midst of cursing Alex, Michelle, who did not wear her seatbelt, hit face-first into Alex’s thigh. She jumped in shock. “What are you doing, jerk!”

As she returned to her seat, Alex did the same thing again, and sent her crashing forward.

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