The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 169

What would one feel when a car crashed into a river from a large bridge at a height of thirty meters?

Anyway, it was a magnificent sight.

A loud noise sounded with a boom, and the splashed water went up to a height of ten meters.

It was no different from crashing into a concrete surface.

The airbags were instantly deployed.

Michelle fainted in a state of extreme fear.

On the large bridge, a few passing cars stopped to check out what happened with a few people contacting the police as well. A woman, who wore a mask and a cap, came off from one of the dump trucks.

She was Pepper Kimmich.

Walking toward the edge of the bridge, she took a few glances down into the waters below before hurriedly speaking into her dedicated headset to give her orders, “Stand by the river in case they try to escape. Divers, prepare to get the items. The rest on the ground, retreat and watch for cover. The authorities will be here soon.”

After firing off a few orders in quick succession, she left in a black car.

Soon after, the dump trucks on the bridge hurriedly left.

Those men, who were arranged by Pepper for the chase earlier, evacuated in just a few minutes’ time.


Half an hour later, the divers reported to Pepper that Alex’s car was empty. They could neither find the two of them nor the century-old medicinal herbs from auction earlier.

“What? How could this happen?’

In a luxurious villa, Pepper was livid after hearing the reports. After all, she had planned such a huge operation and invested countless manpower, causing such a huge stir, as well as spending extra effort to prevent the leak of the incident, but it was all in vain.

“Where are the targets? Where did they go? Didn’t I order you to keep a watch? How could you lose them, are you guys blind?”

The century-old medicinal herbs, particularly the two-hundred-year-old ginseng, was very important to Pepper and it must not be lost.

Her subordinate replied, “Miss Kimmich, our men were vigilant and scanned the perimeter multiple times but they did not see anyone coming out of the water at all. We guessed that’s because the river is connected to the ocean, and at that time, the gate holding the ocean was opened, the river current became swift as the tide flew into the river. They were probably flushed away by the swift current after climbing out of their car, and they are most probably dead by now.”

“A bunch of fools! Why do I need you guys if you can’t even complete such a simple task?!” Pepper was very angry. She did not care for Alex and Michelle’s lives at all, what she cared the most was the century-old medicinal herbs.

After ending the call, she angrily shattered a coffee with a kick.

Baldy came up to her and wrapped his arms around her waist. “Relax, my dear. There’s no need to be angry. Even if the century-old medicinal herbs are gone, we can always search for them. In fact, I’d rather take it easy, as I don’t want to go back and serve the old man that quickly. Come, let us relax.”

At this moment, Pepper’s cell phone rang once again. It was a call from John Rockefeller.

“Pepper, I have something to discuss with you. Can you come to the teahouse?” said John.

Immediately, Pepper motioned Baldy to be quiet.

Earlier, she was cursing angrily but her expression changed instantly. Putting on a sweet voice, she said, “Mr. Rockefeller, you’re looking for me? Is there anything? Today, I… my body is not really up for it!”

John replied, “Pepper, do you think I’m looking for you because of that kind of business? I am thinking of ways to kill that brat, Alex. I don’t know where that brat learned martial arts, he’s actually a fighter now. I can never get a good night’s sleep as long as he is alive and kicking!”

Pepper cackled like a hen. “Mr. Rockefeller, you can sleep well tonight. I just received news that Alex’s car crashed into the East River. He’s dead.”

“Are you sure?”


“This is good news! Come to the teahouse now, Pepper, I want to thank you!”

“Well… uh… okay!”

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