The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1692

Alex replied, “Of course.”

“Papa mustn’t lie! Pinky promise?”

“Pinky, promise!”

Seeing the two interacting, Maya and Waltz looked toward each other, seemingly thinking of the same thing.

They were the first few to get close to Alex, and it had almost been half a year since they’d moved in together as well. Even then, they still couldn’t achieve the last stage of their relationship, which made them slightly worried. However, as women, beauties no less, it was hard for them to make the first move.

After that, Brittany brought Winniefred and Holly out of the room.

She wanted to sleep next to these two unrelated family members, her daughter, and granddaughter, and spend time with them. However, it was unclear if she was actually trying to create opportunities for Maya and Waltz to get closer to her son.

Waltz then took a bottle of wine and a tall wine glass for each of them.


“Did you know that Maya has some pretty determined admirers lately?”

Alex was stunned. “Huh? Really? Who are they?”

Waltz asked, “What? Do you really want to know?”

Alex turned to Maya and noticed that she looked flustered as if she was a young girl in love. Seeing this made him slightly uncomfortable and jealous, since he had viewed this ‘godsister’ as his woman after all.

Although no one really thought anything of their relationship, they had hugged, kissed, and slept with each other before. All that’s left was the last stage, so he didn’t quite understand the change of heart.

Unexpectedly, Maya replied. “Waltz, why are you talking about me? Speak for yourself! That celebrity from Hong Kong may be the idol of millions of girls, yet he managed to go up to your offices to chase after you. He even gave you flowers and cars! So, how’s it going with him? Hey brother, do you want to help her keep an eye out?”

Alex’s expression gloomed, as though he had been stabbed in the gut.

‘I’ve only been away for a month. How did things change this drastically? Someone’s trying to get it on with them?’

‘I’d have to be away for at least half a year next time. Would that mean that by then, they might’ve gotten engaged?’

“Brother, why look so grumpy?”

“Do you not want Waltz to find a boyfriend?”

Alex was so frustrated that he was going to puke blood a t this point. He mumbled unwillingly, “Doesn’t she already have a boyfriend? Why would she need another?”

“Huh? Who is it?”

“Am I not her boyfriend?”

“But it’s not like you’ve ever treated her like a girlfriend! Boyfriends should love and care and spoil their girlfriends, yet you’ve never expressed any of that! Youth is temporary, you know? You can’t get it back no matter how much you try. So why shouldn’t

she find her Mr. Right at this age? I think that celebrity is a pretty good guy. He looks great, and he can sing and act too! More importantly, he treats Waltz right. I‘d say that they’ll be bearing a cute little baby too…”

Waltz looked at Alex’s expression and chuckled. “Oh Maya, stop that! I’m getting a little embarrassed here! You should grab yourself a man too, and we’d get married together! Let’s have Alex be our witness too. He’d be a great uncle to our children.”

Alex was getting increasingly furious when he heard this, but something just didn’t seem right.

‘F*ck being a witness!’

‘F*ck being an uncle!’

He then downed the entire glass of wine and grabbed the two of them by their arm. “Fine! I see how it is. So both of you are thinking and discussing men, huh? You’re starting to envision marriage, huh? Then dream on if you want me to be the witness! I’m not even going to be the child’s uncle. I want to be the father!”

“Are you sure, Alex?”

“Of course I am!”

“Then let’s make some babies right now! They’ll be all over you calling you dad!”

With that, the room erupted into a mess. After spending an entire night without sleep, Alex was drained of energy. His eyes appeared puffy while his mind was blurry.

At the time, Maya, whose cultivation had been improving significantly, was massaging his waist apologetically. “I’m so sorry, Alex. I didn’t know it’d end up like this either.”

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