The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1693

Alex waved his hand back and forth, seemingly still weak. “Don’t apologize, I’m just useless… I’m too weak!”

Waltz immediately said, “Brother, I’ll just get you some medicine. Which one do you want? Do you need to replenish your blood energy or your kidneys?”

“I… I don’t think replenishments will help!”

“I just hope this doesn’t impair my cultivation.”

Maya was extremely heartbroken after seeing how helpless Alex was. She started tearing up. “Brother, this is all my fault. If I didn’t force you to… Then you wouldn’t have ended up like this. What do we do? Can I give you back the Chi? I won’t ever force you again.”

Alex was sweating profusely. “I just don’t have enough energy. It’s alright. I’ll just make sure I become stronger from now on.”

He was helpless in this situation.

Maya’s bloodline was just way too powerful. Not only was her scent addictive, but her cultivation was also improving at a drastic rate as well. She was capable of turning a man extremely lightheaded while doing the deed and squeeze every last drop of fluid out of them. Moreover, it wasn’t just squeezing out his fluids, she was taking his Chi. As soon as they started, she would keep sucking it out of him like a leech.

‘She’s even worse than the Chaos Bead!’

Waltz couldn’t help but let out a chuckle. “Looks like your days of sexual enjoyment are coming to an end, brother!”

“Next time, Maya just needs to give it to you once, and you’ll be weak for an entire month! Haha! Let’s see how you can keep on flirting with other girls then!”

Alex looked extremely awkward after hearing this. However, it was then that he realized that the Ultimate Book of Medicine was activated, running in his mind like crazy. It was helping him replenish, sucking all the natural spiritual energy from his surroundings. It was unfortunate that this place lacked spiritual energy. At most, there were just a few units of it.

‘Oh right! I still have the spiritual stones!’

The spiritual stones were currently placed in the storage purse.

Alex immediately grabbed one out and clenched onto it. As if the Force could sense it, it started absorbing the spiritual energy coming from the stone all by itself, quenching his entire body, thirsting for such energy. Moreover, the absorption rate seemed abnormally fast as well. One stone turned into a pile of dust within seconds.

With the spiritual energy flowing within him, his entire body was starting to feel replenished again. Alex could feel his energy returning. Hence, he decided to take another stone and absorbed it, just like he did with the last one.

Slowly, he managed to absorb three, four… Thirty stones.

Seeing him like this, Maya and Waltz stayed silent as they sat next to him, acting as guardians.

Alex closed his eyes tight, absorbing the spiritual energy within the stones and turning them into pure spiritual power. Since this mechanism was repetitive, he didn’t have to use much mental strength. Suddenly, when he took another stone out, he couldn’t seem to absorb any spiritual energy from it, no matter how hard he tried.

‘Huh? My spiritual power isn’t at its limit yet. Why can’t I absorb anything?’

He opened his eyes to look at the stone, confused, to only realize that he had grabbed the wrong thing.

He wasn’t holding a stone at all but the log he got from Hygieia Valley’s treasury. Since it was heavy, it was obviously a hundred times better than regular wood.

However, it was clearly just an ordinary log, which was why it didn’t seem to contain any spiritual energy.

Just then, as if the Force affected the log, causing it to actually start glowing green. In a mere second, it formed into a ray of light and entered Alex’s palm. With this, the green light entered his mind palace, staying next to the Chaos Bead, silently.

‘Wh… What is this really?’ Alex was so shocked that his eyes widened, mouth agape.

Using internal vision, he immediately checked what was happening in his mind palace. He then noticed that the green light was still just a ball of green light. As if it had a blurry layer, he couldn’t tell what was going on within.

‘Ah, whatever!’ Alex thought as he gave up researching it since his mind palace was storing more and more items as if it were a garage. After that, he continued to absorb spiritual energy from spiritual stones. Only then, Alex felt as if he was well and alive again.

Moreover, the spiritual power within him seemed to have improved slightly too. This would help him activate his powers better and improve both his speed and strength.

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